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  1. Hi Emie, Thank you for your contribution. To copy all attributes from one object to another, you can try control + C (normal way to copy) and instead of control + V to paste, you will do Control + Shift + V with the new item selected. I hope this helps. If you on a mac (Control is command) Cheers. Sammy.
  2. Hi Ronnie, awesome! I have seen your other beginner course tutorial and it's really good. Could you check the lynda link? appears there's something wrong with it. Hi Kevin, could you share the link when the tutorial is up? Thanks a lot.
  3. Congratulations guys! This is well deserved. The Affinity community is growing. 3 of my friends already bought the app after using it on my mac! Both AD and AP are solid apps. Have a fabulous 2016!
  4. Hi Everyone, I'd like to know if AD would support .cdr files in the future (directly within the app.) As posted above, many of my friends are asking me too. A lot of designers moved from win to mac. Especially here in Nigeria and some African countries I know, Corel is still used. I hope something can be done?
  5. Waiting anxiously :) Awesome team!
  6. Thanks everyone. I'd keep working to get better. Cheers.
  7. Hey Everyone, Just wanted to share this. I guess I'm getting better with the app. Awesome!
  8. Thanks Guys. Ya'll deserve all the awards you are getting! Cheers.
  9. Hi Everyone, Here are designs made with Affinity Designer. I guess I'm getting better with this awesome app.
  10. Congratulations to the team! The apps are simply amazing. Soar higher!
  11. Hi @Fixer as always thanks for your swift response. As pointed out I am happy to know that parameters matter more. However, working inside the doc itself acts funny. I increase fir example 'project title' to 28 points or even less to like 10 and it jumps off the page. meaning its way bigger than the page. How can I control this? It doesn't seem to process my instruction correctly or something?
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