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  1. From what I can tell Affinity photo is so close to being the one stop app and just with a couple of enhancements would be there 1. Highlights can be muddy so fixing this would be great 2. its been mentioned a million times but a DAM 3. Presets? Maybe I am missing this one
  2. where would I find the aspect ratio in crop
  3. Just figured it out. I have to go into document resize and set it up there. Thanks all for the input.
  4. Its 7953X5304 I tried clicking the lock locked and unlocked it makes the photo one long length unusable even tried switching dimensions. Where can I find the aspect ratio. I just go into file, export but I don't see anything asking for aspect ratio
  5. I am having problems trying to export file sizes of 800X600 and 604X345 When I put this numbers i I get 800X534 and 604X403 Any Ideas? I have it set to jpeg and high quality its for a magazine I work for. I know its something that I am doing.
  6. Is there any special way of doing that like holding down a command key while cropping?
  7. it comes out 604X403 It has to be 604X345 the same thing happens when I export 800X600 it drops the lower number to 534
  8. Ok, now somehow I got it to kind of work but instead off getting 800X600 and 604X345 Im getting 800X534 and 604X403 the 604 one has to be 604X345 for the magazine I work for
  9. I am having a weird issue when trying to export images at 800X600 and 604X345 jpegs bicubic Whats happening is I set it up to those sizes and it crushes my photo in aI shape any ideas
  10. Yes, that's exactly what I was looking for thanks

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