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  1. Yes, it crashes
  2. That is exactly the reason. It always happen when an upgrade is uploaded to the MAS, it replaces the beta version which no longer works.
  3. It could be something like this It is done with Affinity 1.4
  4. blend if

    Great video! It's worthwhile to take the time to watch it. Thank you very much!
  5. Dust and scratches live filter makes the programme crash
  6. Very good! Thank you for all that work
  7. Uauuuuu! This is a real update!! Looking forward to it!
  9. That is great news!
  10. Any news about the Macro Persona? I'm really looking forward to it!
  11. The reason could be in a change of colour profile when it is opened in Affinity. For example, you could be working in adobeRGB in CaptureOne and when it is opened in Affinity the colour space changes to sRGB. Check the preferences and the Assistant options.
  12. There is a tutorial about layer masks which could be useful