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Affinity Publisher Public Beta -

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Status: Public Beta
Purpose: Stability and General Testing
Requirements: Mac OS 10.9 or above

Hi, we have a preview of Publisher build 167 now available. It is currently provided as a manual download from the link above.

As this is a beta it is considered to be not suitable for production use. This means that you should not attempt to use it for commercial purposes or for any other activity where you may be adversely affected by the application failing, including the total loss of any documents. 

We hope you enjoy the product, and as always, if you've got any problems installing or running up, please don't hesitate to post in this thread.

Any problems actually using this version please make a new topic in this forum and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. Please feel free to leave general suggestions and comments in the Discussion Forum. Many thanks for your continued feedback.


This build has been issued to fix the 'Failed to Save Document' issue that some testers are experiencing with build 162. 

This issue could arise if Embedded Documents were placed on master pages or were duplicated on regular pages.

Other Updates and Fixes

Preview Mode
- Added 'Preview Mode' to the main toolbar. Will only be visible after 'Clear User Defaults'

Other Fixes
- Placed PDFs not displaying at correct size
- Changing substitution fonts can crash app
- Fixed Master Page tool tips in Layers Panel
- Fixed two specific document load crashes
- Fixed Pages panel redraw issue after converting artboards to spreads
- Fixed crash when resetting keyboard shortcuts (Mac)
- Fixed possible crash applying Table formats
- Updated representation of Non-breaking Space when viewing special characters
- Reviewed Thin Space handling
- Added / updated default shortcut keys for File > Place, View > Masters
- Changed default shortcut for Preview Mode

Note that default shortcut key changes will only be visible after 'Clear User Defaults'

Earlier Release Notes beta #162

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Hey Team,
Thank you for fast hot-fix.
On first glance:
Saving issue in - is fixed.
- to use *.afdesign File in Master and Pages.
- to use *.afphoto File in Master and Pages.
- to save the change.
- to export to PDF.
- to save as newname.afpub.

All works fine.

Great thank you

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Thanks for the update...

Was not expecting this today...you have been busy!

Place PDF worked
Duplicate page containing placed PDF worked

Brilliant thank you:)

Found a little issue with the page label though


APh & AD + Beta AD | APh + Beta AP
APu +Beta Apu

OS:Windows 10 Pro 1903 OS Build 18362.365
Rig:AMD FX 8350 and AMD Radeon (R9 380 Series) Settings Version 19.09.2(Adrenalin 2019, 
Radeon Settings Version
19.1.1) + Wacom Intuous 4M with driver 6.3.35-3



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1 hour ago, Herojas93 said:

Sorry after update I can't find ruler enabler and rules are disabled for me.

Hi, you may have to <Ctrl>-Run up and check 'Clear User Defaults'.

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4 minutes ago, bgeal said:

What is the new shortcut for preview mode? And how do I 'Clear User Defaults'?

Switched to F10. Please press <Ctrl> before you launch the app. At the dialog check 'Clear User Defaults'. Be aware this will reset you toolbars and keyboard shortcuts if you have customised them.

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31 minutes ago, Herojas93 said:

After do this I can move the rulers and select them but still not appearing the icon to block them. 

Hi, it is work in progress. Please bear with us.

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Setup did complete this time, but I get

"The instruction at 0x7736f157 referenced memory 0x00000050. The memory could not be read." error.

Do you actually test these updates in Windows?

From install has failed and if I try to go back to an earlier version those now fail too!

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Thank you for this update.
Dowloading now and will revert as soon as i get it installed.


Never be the Same Again !
MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid 2010) - 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo - 8 GB 1067 MHz DDR3 - VIDIA GeForce 320M 256 MB

MacOS High Sierra 10.13.6  - Affinity Designer + Affinity Photo + Affinity Publisher + Snagit 2019 + Camtasia 2018 + Movavi Video Editor Business 15

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Just downloaded v. 167.   Smooth as satin -- as usual.   MAC Sierra.   I have installed it as a separate version, keeping v. 162.    Every document I have created from v. 145 through 162 has opened perfectly.   Granted, I saved the 145's in v. 157, then the 157's in v. 162, and now the 162's in v. 167.

21.5 iMAC Retina 4K display. MacOS Sierra v. 10.12.6 (which I am not changing).  3.1 GHz quad-core Intel Core i5, Turbo Boost up to 3.6 GHz.  Memory 8 GB 1867 MHz LPDDR3.  1TB Fusion Drive.  Intel Iris Pro Graphics 6200 1536 MB.   iPad Pro 12.9, iOS v. 12.3.1, Apple Pencil.  Affinity Publisher 1.7.2,  Affinity Photo 1.7.2, Affinity Designer 1.7.2.   

Magic mouse.9_9

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Just a heads up, the last few days I've been using v162 and I never got any update reminders; this is on my laptop, iMac and Mac Mini.

All were running v162 and it was only yesterday when I was browsing the bugs forum that I thought about checking my version number and it was v162. I'd quit and opened it several times throughout the day and the update never alerted me that I should update to v167.

On both versions, when I clicked 'About…', it said I was running 1.7.0 which was the latest version.

Just wanted to flag this up with you as there could be people out there who are still running v162.

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I'd like to take the opportunity to give the devs a pat on the back here. The improvements made since the first beta (and made so quickly) give me real confidence in moving from Indesign to Publisher as and when its ready.

Keep up the good work chaps.

P.S. You're going to give Adobe a run for its money - any chance we can buy shares in the company? ;)

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