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  1. I went to updates, pressed Command R and after a few seconds the updates appeared. Thanks for your help.
  2. Yes, I purchased through the App store and I have logged on using the correct Apple ID. Affinity Designer and Photo are showing as having been purchased and I am able to open them from within the App Store. However no updates are showing.
  3. Hi I'm running Designer (v 1.6.1) and Photo (V 1.6.7) on an iMac but there are no updates for V 1.7.1 showing in the App Store. I've tried logging in and out but to no avail.
  4. Woukd it be possible to be able to use the text ruler when typing text into a table? At the moment it seems that in order to use the text ruler for table text you have to create the text in a text box first and then copy and paste the text into the table. This is less than optimal.
  5. Is it possible to use the replace function in the Resource Manager window to replace more than one linked/embedded file at a a time? I have a folder with about 25 linked files and if the folder is moved or its name changed it seems I have to replace each file individually, which is a pain. The Adobe programs allow you to select a folder and then the program looks in that folder for all the missing files, which means that most of the time it is only one action rather than (in this case) 25.
  6. Hi Thanks for your reply. Interestingly I created the same thing in Illustrator using 3D fx and the eps was transparent. Regards Bob
  7. Hi, I exported the attached file to EPS (also attached) and it had white blocks around the individual objects when placed against a coloured background where it should have been transparent . Structure Icon.afdesign Structure Icon.eps
  8. I have used ‘Add Doucument Palette’ and then selected a previously-created palette stored on disk. However, after saving, closing and reopening the document the added palette is no longer there and I have to import it again. Is there a way to store the palette with the document or am I missing something?
  9. That’s great - thanks! Very impressed with the app so far having used InDesign CS6 extensively. I’m not prepared to use the Adobe subscription model and have been gradually migrating to other products (including Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer) so I’ll be buying Publisher when it’s released.
  10. It would be helpful if, when moving objects on a page, the distance to the neighbouring object was shown. For example if there was a table below another table and you moved the bottom table upwards, the vertical distance between the tables was shown as you moved it. This would make aligning objects where the same gap is required between them easier and save having to use the coordinates in the transform box.
  11. I copied some text and when I went to paste the style it was greyed out in the edit menu..
  12. May I therefore suggest one is included in a future release as it helps to speed up workflow?
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