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  1. Hi, Mac OS is 10.14.2. Screenshot attached.
  2. Thanks, I'll try that.
  3. I'm experiencing some odd intermittent behaviour when setting margins on a master page. Sometimes when I set the LH margin to 9 and the RH margin to 15 the opposite happens and I get a LH margin of 15 and a RH margin of 9. If I then change the margins in spread setup to LH 15 and RH 9 I then get a LH of 9 and RH of 15. I'm not using facing pages. If I delete the master and set up a new one the margins behave as expected.
  4. Thanks for the suggestion which proved to be spot on The files on the cloud drive are the ‘master’ and each user has a local (slave) copy of the files with syncing between the master and each slave. This means the user name is included in the file name and as each user name is different the links are lost when user A amends a docment, then user B amends it and then user A opens the document. I’m going to see if there is some way of having ‘absolute’ rather than relative filenames within a Synology Cloud drive system as I am sure there will be many users who wish to share files in this way.
  5. Woukd it be possible to be able to use the text ruler when typing text into a table? At the moment it seems that in order to use the text ruler for table text you have to create the text in a text box first and then copy and paste the text into the table. This is less than optimal.
  6. Hi Thanks for the reply. I still don’t understand why the links are lost when the folder containing them stays in the same place, albeit on a shared drive?
  7. A colleague and I are working on a shared document that is stored on a shared Synology Cloud Drive. When my colleague makes changes to the document and saves it and I then open it the linked files are missing and I have to relink them all.
  8. Is it possible to use the replace function in the Resource Manager window to replace more than one linked/embedded file at a a time? I have a folder with about 25 linked files and if the folder is moved or its name changed it seems I have to replace each file individually, which is a pain. The Adobe programs allow you to select a folder and then the program looks in that folder for all the missing files, which means that most of the time it is only one action rather than (in this case) 25.
  9. I have the following sentence in on a page: • When speaking may seem to jump between topics or say things out of the blue; may not always speak in a step by step way. If I delete the space in-between step and by and insert a dash to form a hyphenated adjective, the s in step becomes capitalised. If I correct it and delete the dash and insert a space the same thing happens.
  10. Please ignore these posts - user error!
  11. And when you insert pages below and specify, say two pages, only one is inserted.
  12. When you try and insert a number of pages above the first page by right-clicking on the first page icon in the sidebar and selecting insert pages, instead of inserting the required number of pages above page 1, only one page is inserted below page 1.
  13. When snapping a table to a bottom margin by dragging the centre bottom grab handle/dot, it can seem to snap to the margin (red line shown) and then when you release the grab handle the bottom of the table move back down. If you keep trying you can eventually get it to snap to the margin but it doesn't always work. This didn't happen in the previous beta version.