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  1. Avenir Next doesn’t have the right glyph for the non-breaking hyphen (U+2011) but Helvetica has. So, in my opinion you may need to use another font.
  2. Thank you. Now this is working as expected.
  3. People who has used to use InDesign are also used to think that the thin space is fixed width and non-breaking.
  4. Thank you for adding the extra space characters. There are a couple of problems with them though. 1. The thin space should be the non-breaking space, but at the moment it is not. The thin space is used as a thousands separators in many languages and it is an error to split the big number to the different lines. 2. The thin space should be 1/6 of an em in width. It seems to me that now the thin space is about 1/6 of the space in the line where it is situated. When the width of the normal space changes, the width of the thin space changes, too. This is visible with the justified text.
  5. When you select Figure width Proportional and Figure style Old Style the width of the character is Em. This happens with all Open Type fonts which have the glyphs for proportional old style figures. This bug is new in beta 133. It worked ok in beta 128.