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  1. Philippe Roy

    Unwanted space at the end of the page

    Placing an discretionary hyphen before the last word make the spaces strech to fill the gap, like they should. It's not a long term solution, but I can settled for it right now. Thanks.
  2. Philippe Roy

    Unwanted space at the end of the page

    It' the end of column zone indeed. I found another instance and put an exception. It worked, but now I have an hyphen across the page Basically, I can chose between looking every page to chase hyphen or every page to chase inappropriate end of line space. Everytime there is a change across the entire book.
  3. ôO Well, it work perfectly, just like it would with InDesign. There's a small delay before the space symbol change. I guess it the reason I thought it didn't work. The replace all was almost instant, tought. Now I am ashamed. Thanks a lot.
  4. Philippe Roy

    Unwanted space at the end of the page

    Maybe it's linked to my hyphenation preferences. I have set a fairly large end of column zone to prevent any crosspage hyphenation. Hyphenation from a page to the next is the 8th deadly sin of the book typography. Editing the document to include just two pages would take to long, and it wouldn't help without the font.
  5. I am editing a 500 pages book. I have to change a lot of thin spaces by a non breaking narrow space (1000s of instances). I didn't found any way to do this. Copy paste in the search field only work for the «find» field. I am totaly lost here. There must be a way. GREP maybe?
  6. I just finished a 500 pages book with Affinity Publisher. It went relatively well, but I notice some place, in the last line of a page, where ther is a big space at the right of the last line in the middle of a paragraph. I found two instences of this problem within the first 100 pages. The problem may be temporarely solved by shrinking the text to force the next word on the line. Hard to reproduce, but it's definitively a bug.
  7. Anyway, we need a non-breaking, fixed with thin space. The thin has no utility otherwise, and it's mandatory in many languages.
  8. Philippe Roy

    Find, Replace All causes Crash

    Same thing here.
  9. Philippe Roy

    How to create pages for a novel?

    I need to make novels to. Until Publisher get reflowable pages with a master text frame, it will be impracticable. I cannot even really test the software for long texts right now.
  10. So far, I did not find thin spaces in Publisher. Thin spaces are mandatory in french typography, and typography in french has an orthographic value. Without thin space, this software cannot be used on a professional way. A fixed width non breaking space would be required to, as some spaces next to punctuation should not change width with justification. Mesurement in pica would be useful. This unit is fully compatible with the point mesurement everybody use for type or stroke, and picas can be divided by two, three or four without decimals. That's a boon for any professional page setter.