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  1. dave4224

    Image-heavy document crashes

    Thanks for the reply. I got round that problem as I remade the pages in sections (as seperate documents) from the PDFs. The original is a coffee-table style book featuring some of my crappier photographs which I'm too embarrassed to upload. That aside, something similar is happening to a dummy magazine I've been working on. It was fine until the last APub update, now it's crashing when I cut or copy text. Sometimes it also happens when I cut or change images. I'll upload that one if you like! Also right-click (or option-click, or whatever you want to call it on my Wacom pen) stopped working until I closed the doc and reopened it though to be fair, the Mac Mini has been a little sluggish today when using Photo too. So I suppose something could be duff up my end.
  2. Hi there, I'm getting a crash every time I try to open a picture-heavy document (embedded photos) that I originally created in December 2018. Is it possible the crashes are due to beta incompatibilities? Or memory? It's not terribly important as from the start I took the precaution of exporting every single AP doc as a PDF just in case and was able to remake the book, but the knowing would be a good thing. Mac Mini 2.6, 8Gb RAM (2014), latest AP beta.
  3. Ah, image maneuvering just got a whole lot better with the .292 update. Thanks!
  4. Great, thanks for that! I had to stop the clock and finally come here to find out what to do, I was going mad because the only way I could figure out was 'control-drag' the handles and hope the now wildly-spinning picture would end up the right way up after scaling. Grouping almost makes sense, a different way of thinking and doing. But all the automatic picture scaling options under the Properties button feel time-consuming... making it technically slick with so many options seems to have taken away ease of use and the fact that I want to do it, not be taken over. Do I need all those auto-scaling attributes? For me, not really.
  5. Aha I see, thanks! I didn't think of looking at the snapping manager, I looked through the preferences. Actually I haven't looked closely at the SM for some time, looks like it's evolved a wee bit. The thing with Beta software is that the manual, if one even exists, is ever a-changing. I'm a simple man who knew every single function of QuarkXpress 6. After 6.5 they got tricky. Not everything is as obvious as it was in them there olden days.
  6. The topic title might not be the best wording... what's the purpose of the outline fade after deselecting a text or picture box? It only seems to happen after selecting/clicking away from an item for the first time after opening a document, but not thereafter. It's a little bit distracting and makes wonder if there's some reason? Also something that doesn't happen every time - I'm getting a sort of 'ghost' image when adjusting a text or picture box which has the unfortunate habit of snapping to guides and other items, instead of the 'actual' box snapping... iShowU-Capture-desktop.m4v
  7. You can also use alt-arrow to track whole paras when they're highlighted - the default is to track by 10. InDesign has an option in programme-wide preferences to change the tracking/kerning, I'm wondering if APub has a similar option somewhere? I'm being niggly, it's just something I'd like to change!
  8. Hi, I've been looking for a way to set the default letter spacing on highlighted paras. Alt/arrow tracks in lumps of ten, I can't find any preference feature to set that to five? I know I can adjust manually, but...
  9. dave4224

    Non-breaking hyphens in PDFs

    Ah, thanks for the info, I didn't know that. I guess I could keep Avenir Next and do a find-and-change to Helvetica just for the non-breaking hyphen. There are some deadeye-dick typographers out there but I'd be surprised if that gets noticed, unless deliberately searched in a PDF. I used to have to do something similar with some of the funkier fonts years ago. APu, APub etc., I see what you mean.
  10. Non-breaking hyphens look fine when using Avenir Next in AP, but they appear as a boxed question mark in PDFs. Not a massive problem, but needs to be looked out for. Is it a bug with the font, AP or is it just my setup? Non-breaking hyphens work fine if making the PDF from InDesign. They come out okay from AP if I use Helvetica instead. Don't know if other fonts go buggy.
  11. dave4224

    Zapf Dingbats

    Wingdings work okay as well, it seems to be only Zapf dingbats. Unfortunately Zapf Dingbats has all the symbols I use! ITC Zapf Dingbats Std doesn't work either and that's supposed to be a 'real' font. For square bullets, 'n' is the Dingbat key and I can only get that by using Apple Mungo and double-clicking the square bullet in the Mac's menu bar 'Show Emoji & Symbols' panel, so at least I have a workaround, although a tad inconvenient.
  12. Is there (or will there be) a menu command to save palette positions? Or maybe a text file insde the programme I can tinker with. I'm a selfish man and I like it set up my way... flippin' good software so far though.
  13. dave4224

    Zapf Dingbats

    Zapf Dingbats are showing as 'unsupported characters used' in Font Manager, but they seem to be okay on PDF output. The Locate button only shows the text box, it doesn't highlight the actual text in question.
  14. dave4224

    MRU menu always blank

    I turned that off back in 2016 in Photo and Designer, maybe it's universal...
  15. dave4224

    Layers don't work across pages

    I got layers back by going to View > Studio > Reset Studio. I didn't notice until now that Pages had disappeared as well, but all panels have now returned.

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