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  1. Setup did complete this time, but I get "The instruction at 0x7736f157 referenced memory 0x00000050. The memory could not be read." error. Do you actually test these updates in Windows? From install has failed and if I try to go back to an earlier version those now fail too!
  2. gajrey1042

    Can't install Affinity Publisher (bug)

    All very well, but it is your softare that has the problem. First version of Beta I have seen this problem so it must be fixable. Surely you can fix it so we don't have to jump through all those hoops??
  3. gajrey1042

    Colors not correct

    I'm getting the opposite effect with Inserting hi quality JPGs on a page and using Print to file/sRGB IEC61966 2.1/Adobe/Distiller/ and the resulting PDFs are too hot, but the images look OK in Affinity. Especially when it come to reds and blues. Colour test photos.pdf
  4. gajrey1042

    Imposition of pages

    What we really need is a Document setting option for side fold booklets like Page Plus. That makes it so simple!
  5. gajrey1042

    Imposition of pages

    Well for some reason the Optical disc business has since CD booklets arrived ask for imposed pages. That's the business we are in. Gerald.
  6. gajrey1042

    Imposition of pages

    Most digital printers like to receive PDFs of Booklets in printers pairs ready to print. It is not the case that they will always impose pages for you. Especially not for short run production. It would be great if Affinity Publisher included the simple intuitive way this is done in Page Plus. It doesn't have to be complicated. Please.
  7. Does Publisher support imposing pages to create printers pairs for booklets?
  8. Is there a way to show bleed area so the finished page size is visible as in PP?