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  1. Amazing work on #330 folks, the file size reduction when you relink images is a lifesaver (see my post here) - I've had files drop from 300mb+ down to under 2mb. Friday beers all around!
  2. Can confirm - massive (I mean MASSIVE!) savings in 330… They are both the same document, the original (highlighted) is 324.2mb (8pp document with LINKED images), whilst the copy above it is 1.6mb. What I did was open the resources panel and relink to the same image file and hit save. No need to delete images and re-import, it worked first time. Here's another file I was working on - play it and wait a second (it was saving the file) and watch the size drop like a rock… File save reduction.mov Thanks to all the devs - this was a big issue to me as I always take a copy of my previous file, rename it and work on that file. That way I can refer back to an old proof if a client decides to revert or grab something from it. A lot of my Indesign files are between 2mb and 70mb so space isn't an issue but several 324.2mb files is. Good work - its Friday tomorrow so grab yourselves a nice cool beer!
  3. Having used Affinity Designer and Photo (and testing Publisher) I can see Affinity replacing my Adobe software in the not too distant future (and I can see a lot of other users doing the same). With that in mind, I'm wondering if there's any plans for people to actually be able to invest in the company? I'd love to put my money behind the company which will ultimately overthrow the evil Adobe empire!
  4. I doubt that's the plan, I think Affinity have a clear plan to have several applications which serve a specific purpose and to do that purpose properly. They've been clear that they don't want to go down the subscription route (that could change, I know) and if they stick to their guns and plan clearly then there's no reason why they'd get sucked into the Adobe circle of hell. It certainly seems that they listen to their userbase (something Adobe et al couldn't do so easily back in the day), and I would seriously be interested in investing should they decide to go down this route.
  5. Just downloaded the latest version with pinned objects and I find the panel is displaying oddly - I can't see the contents properly. Just the panel (looks the same docked or floating): With a picture selected and set to inline with text: Using the light mode I see the following: This is the version I'm running. Did someone forget to style the dark mode panel?
  6. Yep, I logged this issue here: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/84243-pinning-panel-display-issues-in-dark-mode/
  7. I've not updated to Mohave (well I have, but I reverted to High Sierra as it slowed down my system too much). Wonder if that has anything to do with it.
  8. Out of interest @Seneca, what system are you running?
  9. I'll admit I got a bit confused with the inline vs floating object at first but its been implemented really well (apart from a problem with how the panel displays in dark mode for me). Not bad for a first stab. DocX also requires a pat on the back of the folksters involved - they should enjoy their weekend beers, they certainly deserve it.
  10. I've been waiting for the 'Pinned Objects for Text' functionality to be implemented before getting stuck in and doing some really indepth testing as I use this feature every day with Indesign. So, you're now just a couple of steps short of replacing Indesign for me! Good work chaps/chapesses - thanks for listening to the feedback!
  11. If you go to 'Document Preferences' you can set to either embed or link to images, linked helps keep sizes down.
  12. I was trying to drop in some data from Excel in Publisher ( on Mac OSX High Sierra) and no matter how many cells I select it only pastes the data into the first cell. I thought maybe this was maybe how its supposed to work but looking at this post I see that @carl123 is using Windows it works this way but not on Mac for some reason. Raising it here just in case its a bug.
  13. Hope it helps - let us know how you get on, just in case someone else has the same problem.
  14. Try opening your file in Apple Numbers, copy the data and then select two cells in the first row of the table in Publisher and paste. I tried this the other week and it worked.
  15. Just my 2p, I do a monthly report for a client of mine using Indesign. Its a 32pp document and has over 40 graphs in it. Each graph spans a single text column. In the text, quite often there's a comment such as '…as can be seen in the graph below…'. Now, as usual there's loads of changes to text by various departments and this can mean simple changes to words to entire paragraphs being added and removed. Anchoring the graphs to the text means that there's less chance of mistakes where '…the chart below…' actually refers to the chart above/opposite or even page when text is changed. There's lots of features in Indesign I don't use (and I started out using Ventura Publisher and Quark back when it was v2.12) and I'm sure there will be features I don't use in Publisher, but to win users over from Indesign I have to agree that this is a real dealbreaker. I can say 100% I'll buy Publisher when its released even if it does miss a few things initially as I want to support development of it, but this should be a priority as having to decide which program to use based on the projects layout requirements (which could always change during the project lifespan) defeats the point of moving over to a different software suite completely (I also use Designer and Photo). Its all going in the right direction though, I'm very impressed so far.
  16. I'd like to take the opportunity to give the devs a pat on the back here. The improvements made since the first beta (and made so quickly) give me real confidence in moving from Indesign to Publisher as and when its ready. Keep up the good work chaps. P.S. You're going to give Adobe a run for its money - any chance we can buy shares in the company?
  17. Now I never knew that function existed - brilliant. Thanks for the heads-up!
  18. Further to my post here, I've found that when I'm using v162 of the beta, it doesn't pick up the update for v170. This means some people may not be aware that their beta is actually old - I only found out when I was looking through the bug forum and decided to check I had the latest version (I didn't). Below is a video of me showing the bug post forum saying v170 has been released and my v162 not picking up the fact an update is available: Update problem.mov
  19. Thanks for that, good to know the devs are aware of it.
  20. Just a heads up, the last few days I've been using v162 and I never got any update reminders; this is on my laptop, iMac and Mac Mini. All were running v162 and it was only yesterday when I was browsing the bugs forum that I thought about checking my version number and it was v162. I'd quit and opened it several times throughout the day and the update never alerted me that I should update to v167. On both versions, when I clicked 'About…', it said I was running 1.7.0 which was the latest version. Just wanted to flag this up with you as there could be people out there who are still running v162.
  21. At the moment filler text only holds normal body text and I think it would be handy to be able to include headings (or pretty much all styles such as bullets, initial words and table body) as part of the filler text, not just body text. If we had some tags (like html's <h1> and <h2> tags etc) which we could wrap around the filler text in the preferences panel, when we style each element we would be able to see the filler text change accordingly, not just the body text.
  22. Just tried your file and I can't open it either, sorry.
  23. Meb, is it possible to have headings (or pretty much all styles) as part of the filler text? That way you can style each element and see the filler text change accordingly. Is this worth adding to the discussions and suggestions forum?
  24. I may be wrong but I think filler text is actually supposed to be select all or nothing. If you notice, when you resize the text box the text always fills it, it never shows the eye symbol for text overflow. Its actually quite handy as you never need to paste more text in when you're preparing a visual, but you're right - it would be good if the filler text contained headings etc. If you paste in a load of lorem ipsum or something from Word etc you'll be able to select individual lines and characters etc. Regarding the leading, I normally change it to % and set it at around 125% or so. I agree, the default is a little tighter than I'd like.