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  1. How about keyboard shortcuts which you can allocate to paragraph and character styles? That way you can rattle through a long copy document and style it up without constant mousing. InDesign and Quark had this from early on.
  2. I suggest the ability to import tabbed text and/or spreadsheet files so you can select and click a "convert to table" button (say) to avoid manually populating an empty table. You could then style the result in the usual way. GM33
  3. GeoffM33

    Defringe artefacts

    Hello. Has anyone got any thoughts on this? Ta.
  4. GeoffM33

    Defringe artefacts

    Hi Sean P and MEB, Now got my act together and here is the info you asked for. And a resume of what I've done. A bit of long post I'm afraid. In Raw Develop Persona: I use a basic routine to prepare Raw files to give a good starting point for tonal adjustments. (See Affinity video on Maximising Raw Latitude.) 1. De-fringe problem arises mainly when I am trying to target colours other than the default mid blue. 2. As MEB notes, the grey blocks appear when Edge Brightness Threshold is reduced to catch colours like the magenta edges on the chrome/metal-work. (Affinity tutorial video shows taking Edge Brightness Threshold right down to catch hard-to-reach fringing.) In Develop Persona: Screen Movie attached: 3. Basic Raw Latitude Maximisation routine. 4. Chromatic Aberration. 5. De-fringe in Raw Develop Persona: To remove orange fringing: Hue 30º, Edge Threshold 56%, Radius 10px, + Complimentary Hue. Desaturated areas appear. Varies with view zoom. 6. Develop image - artefacts mostly disappear but some desaturated ‘halos’ remain - not subject to zoom view factor. In Photo Persona: 7. Basic Raw develop routine (No de-fringe at this stage.) 8. De-fringe as live filter layer. Similar settings as under Develop Persona, But: Edge Threshold 70%, Radius 20px. Desaturated artefacts appear, and vary with zoom. Flatten file: artefacts remain. 9. Back to beginning, apply de-fringe filter to a duplicate layer directly. Same result, BUT artefacts almost disappear when I hit “apply”. Some still remain in small areas as seen in video. In Photo Persona using Frequency Separation technique. 10. Back to beginning. Add Frequency Separation filter. 11. Set high frequency quite low - about 1.7px. 12. Add HSL filter and drag into High Frequency layer. 13. Drag Saturation down almost all the way. (take it too far and all colour blacks out.) Most of the magenta/cyan hot pixels neutralised. 14. Use sponge tool to knock back these areas directly. 15. Flatten image then use Vibrance to restore any colour lost in this process - only a little needed. I guess I am not understanding the implications of the De-fringe slider settings. Following the excellent Affinity videos helps most of the time, but recently I’m getting these grey blocks. Is this to do with app updates? Thanks. G Defringe_Dev_Persona.mp4 Defringe_Photo_Persona.mp4 Defringe_Freq_Sep.mp4 Screen Shot 2018-06-05 at 22.46.01.tiff Screen Shot 2018-06-05 at 22.46.20.tiff Screen Shot 2018-06-07 at 18.02.13.tiff
  5. GeoffM33

    Defringe artefacts

    Hi Sean P, Sorry just caught up with this. I attach the Nikon NEF file I'm starting with. This isn't the only file it has happened with, just a recent one, and with a significant problem. Cheers, GeoffM33. _DSC0001.NEF
  6. GeoffM33

    Defringe artefacts

    Over the last few months I have started to get blocky artefacts when defringing. This happens in both develop and photo personas, but is more marked in photo. In develop it seems to be a preview/display bug and is resolved when clicking develop to go to the photo persona. However, if I apply defringe in photo persona I sometimes get the desaturated blocks as seen in the example attached. Anyone got any ideas? Thanks.
  7. Thanks for your comments and work-flow tips. I will continue with Nik on this basis and watch this topic for other info.
  8. Hi, I have just installed the NIK Collection of Plug-ins. What are the advantages of using these as compared with the built-in Affinity Photo tools? Especially the de-noising and sharpening tools - are they "better" or just presented differently? Do they work in a different way? What can they do that Affinity can't? Cheers. GM33
  9. Hi MEB, Thanks. That has solved the problem. I would never have guessed that answer. Geoff
  10. I have just noticed that when I open a Nikon NEF file from my D5600 into Affinity Photo the extreme edges are lost. OK so I shouldn't frame things so tight but it it still a nuisance. The preview I see in Nikon ViewNXi shows all of what I remember taking but when opened in AFP directly or via ViewNXi about 30 or 40 pixels are cropped off the edges. See attached screen grabs. Any ideas? Thanks. AFP_grab.tiff VNXi_grab.tiff