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  1. Thanks for your comments and work-flow tips. I will continue with Nik on this basis and watch this topic for other info.
  2. Hi, I have just installed the NIK Collection of Plug-ins. What are the advantages of using these as compared with the built-in Affinity Photo tools? Especially the de-noising and sharpening tools - are they "better" or just presented differently? Do they work in a different way? What can they do that Affinity can't? Cheers. GM33
  3. Hi MEB, Thanks. That has solved the problem. I would never have guessed that answer. Geoff
  4. I have just noticed that when I open a Nikon NEF file from my D5600 into Affinity Photo the extreme edges are lost. OK so I shouldn't frame things so tight but it it still a nuisance. The preview I see in Nikon ViewNXi shows all of what I remember taking but when opened in AFP directly or via ViewNXi about 30 or 40 pixels are cropped off the edges. See attached screen grabs. Any ideas? Thanks. AFP_grab.tiff VNXi_grab.tiff