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  1. Been keeping an eye on this extremely long thread, and now want to add a comment. Somewhere way back in the conversation someone said that data merge is needed in AF Publisher, BUT done much better than Adobe InDesign. Quite right. InDesign's implementation works OK for me a lot of the time but what it can't do is double-sided AND multiple records to a sheet AT THE SAME TIME. It can do double-sided VDP if it just means repeating a single sheet for each record, and can plan up multiple records across a page, but not both at once. In the studio I work in we quite often get jobs requiring data merging small sized documents like vouchers/coupons/business cards etc. Sometimes the VDP needs doing on both sides. This needs some crafty work-arounds in InDesign to get the jobs done. We used to have a very expensive Acrobat plug-in which did all this and more, including conditional logic processing to place images and so forth. Sadly we lost this capability through system upgrades and incompatibility and cost issues. Oh well... I'm not suggesting AF Pub should have all the conditional variable data processing capabilities; that would be bloat, and best left to specialist software, but the double sided, multiple records to a sheet would be a winner. So when Affinity includes data-merge, a capable, well-implemented, but not over-complex tool would be great.
  2. Thanks. Experimented and found I can't replicate the unexpected "confirm" dialogue with the original document I first found it on. This was a "normal" document with no art-boards. Tried with another document which I'd made with just one art-board and If I chose "whole document" in the save dialogue I got the "confirm..." secondary dialogue come up, BUT if I chose "Art-board 1" (say) no extra dialogue appeared and the save happened as normal. Weird that my first art-board-free file produced the "confirm..." dialogue first time round, and no longer does. I had quit and relaunched Designer between these sessions, so maybe...? G
  3. Hi, Just noticed today when exporting a job I'd done in Designer 1.7 on Mac to PDF, I've started getting an additional dialogue coming up asking for confirmation to save multiple documents to the target folder. I'm only exporting one document with one page. What is this? Have I inadvertently changed something? I can't see what. I click OK and get just the one file saved to where I wanted it. Tried it with another simple test file - same result. A mystery. G
  4. OK. No worries. I'll use the distortion slider as necessary for now. But I guess the lens profile data is more complex than just pincushion/barrel effects? G
  5. Hi, I just installed the new App Store version of Affinity Photo 1.7 and found James Ritson's tutorial on lens profiles. I found the GitHub database and loaded the Nikon SLR file into AP. But AP is still loading the Sigma profile incorrectly. I dug into the LensFun database and found the correct profile for my lens, but AP is finding the Sigma one first. Hmm...
  6. Will the arty brush and pen strokes textures be available in the final version of Publisher? Or will that be accessed by jumping into vector persona, and not available in a stand-alone installation? G
  7. You're welcome. Thanks for looking into this. Glad to be of help in the dev process. G
  8. Thanks. Here is a file taken recently with Nikon D5600 and Nikon 55-200 lens which shows a Sigma lens name in the "lens" tab in the develop persona Right-hand Studio sidebar. Lens description in the strip along the top of the main window is correct. G. _DSC0544.NEF
  9. Oops! I should have set this up under the Photo Beta test forum. Can't see how to move this thread. G
  10. Sorry, I should have mentioned that this query came up whilst using the 1.7 Beta. I checked that I am using the latest patch. After Walt's comment, I went back to my paid-for 1.6.7 AF Photo to check how that worked. In both iterations the lens name is correctly reported in the info strip along the top of the working window. In both versions lens correction can be switched on in the Assistant options; in 1.6.7 you can't tell what it is doing except for the change in the image if you can spot it. In 1.7 beta you can manually switch on the lens profile in the lens tab in the righthand develop studio panel. There is a drop-down. With my 18-55 "normal" lens this drop-down matches the spec in the main window header, but with the 55-200 the drop-down reports a Sigma 55-200 profile whilst the main window header shows the correct Nikon 55-200 name. When clicking the profile on-or-off you can see the image shape pop in and out. So I don't know if this is a good result or not. I must go and photograph a brick wall with both lenses and check against the grid overlay in the app.
  11. I am using a Nikon D5600 with Nikon kit lenses 18-55, and 55-200. In Develop Persona/lens the correct lens correction profile is shown for the 18-55, but for the 55-200 it shows as a Sigma model 55-200. I checked the list of lens correction profiles in this forum (Patrick Connor Dec 2018) and found both my Nikon lenses listed, and a Sigma one of similar spec: Nikon AF-S DX Zoom-Nikkor 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G ED Nikon AF-S DX Zoom-Nikkor 55-200mm f/4-5.6G ED [wrong one]: Sigma 55-200mm f/4-5.6 DC Can I get Photo to see the correct profile somehow, or is this a bug? GM
  12. Thanks. I'd not spotted the new Beta update. All fixed now!
  13. I just made some print quality PDFs from a test APub file. The file contained some placed ADes vector graphics which should have rendered as vector, but they came out as rasterised. I'd placed the ADes vectors as native not EPS or similar. I got around the problem by taking the PDF into ADes and replacing the offending logos with the ADes originals.
  14. Is it possible to print colour separations from Affinity Publisher, or indeed any Affinity app? Or is this a function of the printer driver? If the apps are to be used in a professional printer's production environment, this will be needed.
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