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I have PagePlus X7, CraftArtist 2 Pro, and I think I got BenVista PhotoArtist 2, and PhotoZoom Classic 6 through Serif. For my image-editing work, I have been an Arcsoft PhotoStudio6 user for years. I do have an old ME/XP Serif DrawPlus program that I never studied to use very well. Now, I am excited about AffinityPhoto, and am already sold on it after 2 days of use.


I am a crafter, writer and artist, with a background in clerical work. I am currently taking online classes in Business Mgmt & Admin. I create decorative, functional and wearable handmades, published products, and provide creative services. I focus on the handmades market, but am happy to help anyone. I have a creative lifestyle website, The Creative Seller, where I share about arting, writing, crafting, home & garden, marketing and business. My online shop names are Paper Nirvana, Paper Euphoria, and EmbellishMart. Can you tell that I love papercrafting? :wub:   I also have some graphic designs on POD products at Zazzle and Society6.


I am thrilled to be a part of the AffinityPhoto beta testing. My hope is to begin taking the tuts so that I can become proficient in using the software, or at least greatly improve the skills I've acquired over the years. I know that I am running with the big dogs in participating in these forums. Since I am self-taught in everything, please forgive any tedious or tiresome questions. :rolleyes:


I do like my Serif products very much, and look forward to making time to study them more. I also appreciate how Serif has made already affordable products more affordable for me, through occasional specials and discounts.

Happy Creating!


Artsy Craftery Studio

Designing, Arting, Writing, Crafting, Lover of the Creative Life



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Hi, I am Evasusanne, from Sweden, and I feel so delighted that Affinity exist. Especially happy that Photoshop and Illustrator get a challenger. Being a happy amateur and pensioner using primary Painter but also Photoshop it is fantastic to enter in the Affinity-world. Thanks to all of you developers!

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Hi, i'm Lenildo, Graphic Designer from Brazil. looking for alternatives for that famous - and expensive! -  suite, since my student license had expired. delved into some open source apps, but few of them are able to be useful on my work (not that they're bad software, though). Met Affinity apps on Mac, and since I'm also a Windows user, I am happy to try these betas and eager to buy the finished versions!

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I'm Mark, from Leicester - drummer, photographer, creator.  Well, that's my part-time job - my 'main' job is nurturing my two princesses...


Really looking forward to getting to grips with Affinity Designer - it seems so vast, it's actually quite off-putting, but since I've watched a few of the beginner videos, I'm feeling somewhat reassured!


One question - what does Affinity Photo do, over and above what Designer does?


Sorry for the ignorant newbie bit...




Is the Designer Book offer still open (please!)?



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  • Staff



One question - what does Affinity Photo do, over and above what Designer does?



Hey Mark,

Welcome to the Affinity Forums :)


Affinity Photo is primarily a photo editing application so it offers more comprehensive photo editing features. It has different Personas such as Liquify, Develop and Tone Mapping so you can get the most out of your photographs. You can also create Panoramas, perform HDR and Focus merging along with performing Batch jobs. Designer is a vector based application for drawing and creating icons etc. 


The book has returned to its RRP of £37.99 as the launch offer has now ended.  


Cheers :)

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I'm an animal photographer based in  Belgium and eager to test the Affinity for windows.
There are benefits of cloud computing, but i do not want to relay on cloud for my image post processing.
I turned away from lightroom in the favor of Capture One.
I hope to find Affinity a good PS CS5 alternative for selective sharpening, precize dodge and burn and easy claen up tool for white studio floors.

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I'm an IT Consultant and a passionate person about graphic creation (sometimes I have to do icons at my work, banners and differente images, mainly using Inkscape). When I read about Affinity coming to Windows I got really excited. You got a new customer here.


Hope you the best!

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Illustrator/painter, graphic designer, comic creator, pixel artist, 3D artist freak, and now proud purchasing customer of A. Designer :D . I make pixels for a living since too long, will be sure to include Designer in many workflows. Looking forward to purchase Photo as well.  :)

AD, AP and APub. V1.10.6 (not using v1.x anymore) and V2.4.x. Windows 10 and Windows 11. 


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Hi, I'm Ian, am new to Affinity having used many Serif products in the past but last year changed from a PC to Mac, with no regrets. Unfortunately most Serif products do not run on a Mac so started using PS. Have now discovered Affinity Photo and very pleased with it. Still learning which at my age takes time but I will get there!

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Hello! I work at a local CDJR dealership in Kentucky and manage our websites, all social media and online reputation management. I also work with our vendors on our SEO, SEM and retargeting content.


I'm not the savviest guy on the block but I can get things done and Affinity is a terrific program for what I do.







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Hi I'm Hanna,


I'm a graphic designer and photographer. In addition, I am a freelance teacher at an University of Arts in Germany. I've worked with Adobe products for 25 years.


Dear Affinity team, I must say you guys are crazy!  :)  In other words: With how much enthusiasm, creativity and intelligence you have had conceived and developed Photo (& Designer) - this is fantastic and unique! And you always listen to the wishes of the users and give your best. Congrat and thank you. I am proud to be a part of the affinity community for a year now. So far, I've been able to convince many of my students to buy (and love) these modern and elegant applications.



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My name is David, 40 years old from France.

I am a simple hobbyist and self-Learning  (for now) and i really love the world of graphic design.


I have tested Affinity Designer since the first day of the beta release for Windows and bought it the first day of the commercial release.

I really love your software, more intuitive than Illustrator ;-)

And the licence price is so good  ;-)

Thank you very much for that !


I use Affinity Photo beta for Windows too and i am waiting for the release of Affinity Publisher ;-)


I will made a post with some things that i've done with your amazing software.


Nb : sorry for my bad English


All the very best,


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I am John Rostron, a retired (2007) lecturer in animal biology. I used to take lots of animal pictures to illustrate lectures and used PS to process them. I also used Corel Draw 7 to create diagrams and maps. Since retiring, I have continued with PS CC, and now also use Corel Draw X7. I use these a lot to prepare images for my various Web pages.

I have been looking for alternatives for Adobe for image post-processing and discovered Affinity Photo. So far it seems to do all that I want it to do (except importing from a scanner). I like to do focus stacking and HDR, and AP seems to produce output as good as Zerene Stacker and Photomatix.

Whilst looking at Affinity Photo I found Affinity Designer. I found that this does what I want in place of Corel Draw. Nowadays, I mainly use it to draw maps of local nature reserves. It is a lot easier to use than 'real' mapmaking programs!

I have been using Serif Page Plus for DTP, and look forward to Affinity Publisher.

I have been trying many alternative Web Design programs, but still I find that Dreamweaver is the only one that I can live with (but not the 2017 version). Pity that Affinity has no plans in this direction.


In case you were wondering, my avatar is an image of the 'Little Man', a helictite in Reed's Cave in Devon. A helictite is a column that forms when a stalagmite meets a stalagmite, but in this case it is contorted by a breeze blowing through the cave. This was taken over 40 years ago, so it may well have changed since then. As far as I am aware, there are no more recent photos of this.


Edited by John Rostron

Windows 11, Affinity Photo 2.4.2 Designer 2.4.2 and Publisher 2.4.2 (mainly Photo).

CPU: Intel Core i5 8500 @ 3.00GHz. RAM: 32.0GB  DDR4 @ 1063MHz, Graphics: 2047MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050

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Hi there, I'm Michael from the French West Indies.


Finding Affinity has been a Ahaa moment for me, and it's on track to revolutionize my business. Actually tried Serif products back in the days.


While my workbook is on the way to me, is there anyone who has done a walk-through of say a business card design, using AD 1.5, using the new tab Document Setup "Bleeds" and "Margins". Then to placing RGB images, converting to CMYK and then discussing the output options for print shops. Feel free to overwhelm me with responses.





AD 1.7.1, AP 1.7.1;Hhave ADW, Serif PagePlus X8 and X9 on an old PC
iMac Retina 5K, 27 inch, Late 2015, 3.2Ghz i5, 8GB 1867Mhz DDR3, AMD Radeon R9 M380 2GB; 1TB HDD, macOS Mojave 10.14.5

Wacom Intuos 5 Pro (wireless - without lagging).

Visit my site: TechniSmart (when I ever find time to work on it)

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Hi, my name is Karel Dries and I live in Belgium. I enjoy creating nice graphics in my spare time and hope to make the most of Affinity Designer.


In the past I used Illustrator and Photoshop a lot, as most of you around here used to (or still do :), but I am quite excited about using Affinity Designer after testing the beta version for Windows.


This forum has already been very helpful in finding answers to my questions and I'll do my best to answer other peoples questions in turn.


Kind regards,


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