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    My wife and family and the pets, Photography and music and learning all about Affinity for windows
  1. Thanks Walt. It was the Flow, opacity and hardness settings Sorry for slow reply.
  2. After the last update my in painting brush has stopped working. using intell duel core i5 16gb ddr3 windows 7 ultimate.
  3. Thanks for reply's :) was experimenting with Affinity Photo finding out how to use it, also had just loaded some freebies. Used a coloured brush that when moved across the picture left a trail of coloured circle segments across the frame. the faster or slower you move the brush controlled the opacity of the segment. After putting several different coloured lines to fill the frame and adjusting brush size per line, I then moved to liquefy mode and using the squirl section useing different sizes of brush introduced the patterns. Being new to post processing software I am continuing to experiment and trying the powerful features of Affinity Photo and I must say that purchasing this software has been the best purchase I have made so far, fantastic value. :)
  4. I hope your ankle is soon better :) Your love rival is a good looking guy be happy for her. It looks like there will be the pitter patter of small webbed feet soon, so I look forward to seeing some pictures of them with their family. Thanks for your effort and showing the resulting superb images. :) :) :)
  5. Not into compo's ...............But I dig this one well done
  6. Simple and neat very good but what is the brand
  7. I have just caught up with my post and I would like to thank Kodiak for his reply ( it made me think for myself and gave me better understanding of my problems) The input about using de-haze was also appreciated . Finally Please no Chihuahua's on my posts thanks :) :) :) ;)
  8. That sexy blue eyed look will make your Baby jealous and she will come my way :lol: both great shots
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