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  1. Chris, you're right. That's exactly what happens. I have this problem for quite some time and that's my biggest problem with Photo. And I'm pretty sure that problem occurred for me in 1.6.4 as well. The problem is when you work with tablet, you should remove the pen from the tablet while still having the Space pressed (on keyboard or pen) and then release it, which is pretty awkward.
  2. Kresimir Pernek

    Rotate Canvas jagged lines

    I'm on 1920 x 1200 and on 100% scale. I've just tried it on my second monitor, 1680 x 1050 and the problem persists. The screenshot is from Designer.
  3. Kresimir Pernek

    Rotate Canvas jagged lines

    First of all, thank you for 1.6.4 release. I have this issue in both Photo and Designer that Rotate Canvas makes my lines jagged. In Designer my View mode is set to Vector and I have Bilinear as View quality. It is a real problem with thinner lines. I'm on Windows 10 64 bit.
  4. Kresimir Pernek

    [By Design] AD opened curves stroke alignement

    Yes, you are right. I just realize that's how it works in Illustrator too.
  5. Kresimir Pernek

    [By Design] AD opened curves stroke alignement

    Thanks for quick reply, MEB. I understand what you're saying. I was thinking that maybe Designer calculates this based of concave/convex shapes. I was working on my own font and could use this ability since most of the letters are opened curve, so I could interactively change font thickness to my liking.
  6. When I make an opened curve, like V shape, the align stroke to inside or outside don't work, it stays centered. If I close the curve it's ok.
  7. Kresimir Pernek

    Introduce Yourself

    Hi. My name is Kresimir and I'm a visual artist from Croatia on a never ending quest to create something great.