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List of all V2 FAQ's

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Please find all of our V2 FAQ's listed below, if you have any trouble with these please create a new post and we'll be happy to help.

PLEASE READ THIS: Using and searching the Forum and the FAQ

Release Notes

2.2 Release Notes (improvements and major fixes)

2.1 Release Notes (improvements and major fixes)


Licensing & Customer Service

Affinity V2 Learning Resources

Affinity V2 Launch Frequently Asked Questions

Affinity V2 guide to installing add-ons

How do I Licence and Register Affinity V2 apps?

Troubleshooting Affinity V2 Licence Activation Issues

How do I deactivate a device and remove my licence from Affinity V2?



How do I update Affinity V2 apps?

Downloading the Latest and Previous versions of Affinity V2 apps?

Where do I find Crash Reports for Affinity V2 apps?

How do I reset the Affinity app back to its default settings?

Where are the Affinity V2 apps resources and preference files located?

Can I use Affinity Designer V1 and Photo V1 with StudioLink in Affinity Publisher V2?

Custom content from the Designer and Photo Personas in Affinity Publisher V1 didn't migrate to V2. Why?

What are the recommended system specifications for Affinity V2 apps?

Can I open existing Affinity V1 files in Affinity V2?

Do you offer a trial version of your Affinity V2 apps?

List of Supported Raw Formats (Cameras) for & Lens Correction list in Affinity 2.0.x

Does Affinity V2 have scripting support?

Does Affinity Designer V2 have bitmap tracing?

Is Stage Manager supported in Affinity V2 apps?

Why am I seeing ~lock~ files when opening a document after updating to Affinity 2.2?

How do I enable PDFLib logging for V2 apps?

I'm getting the message "Sorry, there was a problem launching the application. Cannot communicate with other Affinity apps...." when launching V2. Why?

I've updated to Affinity Designer 2.1 but I can't find the Vector Flood Fill Tool. Where is it?

How do I add additional Dictionaries to Affinity V2?



I'm trying to install Affinity V2 on Windows and it's failing with Error 0x80073D10. Why?

I'm trying to install Affinity V2 on Windows and it's failing with Error 0x80073CFD. Why?

I'm trying to install Affinity V2 on Windows and it's failing with Error 0x80073CF3. Why?

I'm getting the error "Cannot open app package. Error in parsing the app package". Why?

Why am I getting the error "Sideloading is blocked by policy" when trying to install Affinity V2 on Windows?

I get the error "CONCRT140.DLL is either not designed to run on windows..." when trying to run Affinity V2. What's happening?

I get the error "App Installer failed to install package dependencies..." when installing on Windows. How can I resolve this?

I get the error "The data area passed to a system call is too small" when trying to run Affinity V2 on Windows. Why?

How to save a copy of Application Logs from Event Viewer on Windows?

Will Affinity V2 run natively on Windows ARM?

How do I disable OpenCL Compute Acceleration (Hardware Acceleration)?

Troubleshooting install and uninstall issues for Affinity V2 on Windows (.MSIX)

Accessing Affinity V2 apps from other apps

Is it possible to change the Installation Path when installing Affinity V2?

How do I create a Desktop Shortcut for Affinity V2 apps?

Why are we using MSIX for Windows installers?

Are legacy MSI v2 installers available?

How do I download Affinity V2 Windows MSI/EXE (Unsandboxed) versions?

How do I find out if I have a Direct3D level 12.0 capable graphics card?

How do I find out if I have a DirectX 10 compatible graphics card?



Brush cursor disappears in-between brush strokes on macOS Ventura. Is that expected?

Where can I find Separated Mode in Affinity V2 apps on macOS?

Why does Finder no longer show my Albums when opening from Apple Photos?

I'm getting the message "There was a problem connecting to the server….." or prompted to enter server credentials when starting V2 on macOS. Why?

[FIXED] Saving from Affinity V2 to an external drive gives "Failed to Save Document" error on macOS Ventura



Is it possible to run Affinity V2 iPadOS apps on MacOS?

Is Stage Manager supported in Affinity V2 apps?

Can my files & content be transferred from Version 1 to Version 2 on iPad? 

I'm getting the error "SKErrorDomain Error 4" when trying to In-App-Purchase on iPad. Why?


Known Issues

[KNOWN ISSUE] Files stored in a Google Drive location are not selectable ('greyed out') on iPadOS

[KNOWN ISSUE] Fonts list scrolling is no longer smooth after updating to iPadOS 17 with ~70+ fonts installed.

[KNOWN ISSUE] After updating to macOS Sonoma Affinity V2 apps remain on "Loading Document" when opening documents

[KNOWN ISSUE] Affinity app window does not correctly resize when connected/disconnected from an external monitor on macOS

[KNOWN ISSUE] Exporting an RGB document to PDF in 2.1 / 2.2 uses the sRGB2014 colour profile incorrectly.


Fixed Known Issues

[FIXED IN 2.2.1] [KNOWN ISSUE] Affinity 2.2 Update Notification Error

[FIXED IN 2.1.1] [KNOWN ISSUE] Exporting to raster formats (TIFF, PNG, GIF etc) with a transparent background can fail in 2.1.0 and other Matte issues.

[FIXED IN 2.2.1] [KNOWN ISSUE] Why is my export to PDF failing since the 2.2 update?

[FIXED IN 2.2.1] [KNOWN ISSUE] Externally installed Colour Profile is not being retained when set under Settings > Colour on macOS

[FIXED IN 2.2.1] [KNOWN ISSUE] Changing the Colour Profile under Document Setup > Colour is not retained correctly

[FIXED IN 2.2.1] [KNOWN ISSUE] 2.2 Update stops 'Delete' shortcut (Backspace key) functioning on macOS

[FIXED IN 2.3] [KNOWN ISSUE] Custom Keyboard Shortcuts do not function on macOS Sonoma

[FIXED IN 2.3] [KNOWN ISSUE] Developing certain RAW files on macOS Sonoma force defaults to use Apple Core engine

[FIXED IN 2.3] [KNOWN ISSUE] Using the Scroll bar in Publisher macOS can hide Bounding Boxes, Text Selection, Text Flow, etc - requiring force re-draw

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