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Troubleshooting Affinity V2 Licence Activation Issues

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If you've read the Affinity Licensing, Registration and Activation Guides and you still haven't been able to activate your V2 app or you're getting an error not mentioned in the guides, please see the below common issues and their potential solutions.


If you get the error "There was a connection problem with the server" or "Unable to contact the Affinity servers. Please check your firewall settings for this app" when trying to activate, it's likely that you have a Firewall blocking the app from connecting to the internet or you're behind a proxy. Please add the below URLs to your firewall/proxy whitelist. It's also possible that connecting through a VPN can also cause these kind of connection issues.

Date, Time and Time Zone

If you've disabled your firewall or confident that your Firewall/Proxy/VPN are not the cause of your connection issues, please make sure your computer's date, time and time zone are correct. If they're incorrect it can lead to issues with digital certificates. This issue can be confirmed by running the Connection Checker (see below) and checking the log file. You will be given the error 0x10000005 if this is the issue.

"There is a problem with your account. Please contact us for assistance"

If you're getting the message "There is a problem with your account. Please contact us for assistance", please contact Affinity Support using the email address affinitysupport@serif.com stating the above message. This is an issue that requires further investigation and can only be dealt with by our support team.

"Please try again"

This message can appear if you're trying to activate an Affinity V2 app while you have another Affinity V2 app running in the background. Close the other Affinity V2 app to continue the license activation. Once activated you can open the other Affinity V2 app again. If you continue to have issues, you may need to reset the app back to its defaults following the instructions here: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/167832-how-do-i-reset-an-affinity-v2-app-back-to-its-default-settings/


Unable to click "Continue" when you see the message "Your app has been successfully registered..." on iPad

To workaround around this issue, please turn off Wifi and launch the Affinity V2 app. Once the app is launched you should be able to get passed the message - you can then turn Wifi back on. 

Clear DNS Cache

If your issue isn't listed above, we've had reports from users that clearing a machines DNS cache can resolve licence activation issues. More information about "Flushing DNS" can be found here:



I have activated V2 app(s) successfully but I'm still prompted to activate on app launch

We aware of an issue where you can be prompted to reactivate a previously activated app when it's launched at the same time as another activated V2 app. This can happen if you're using a combination of MSIX and MSI versions on the same machine.

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Deactivate Affinity 2 Apps

If you would like to remove your licence details from the Affinity V2 apps or you've been advised to deactivate your Affinity V2 app(s) by our Support Team, you can do this by following the below steps:

  • macOS & Windows: To reset an Affinity V2 desktop app back to its defaults, open the app with the CTRL key held down. 
  • iPad:To reset an Affinity V2 iPad app back to its defaults, open the app and double tap the Affinity V2 splash screen when it appears.

When the Clear User Data window appears, make sure that Deactivate Affinity 2 apps is the only option selected and then click Clear. The app will now launch and prompt you to activate.

Check Connectivity

If you're having issues activating your Affinity V2 app(s) our Support Team may ask you to provide a Connection Log. To do this follow the below steps:

  • macOS  
    • From the licensing dialog, menu option Help > Check Connectivity...
    • From My Account (if signed in), right-hand context menu option Check Connectivity...
  • Windows  
    • From the licensing dialog, right-click anywhere and choose Check connectivity...
    • From My Account (if signed in), right-hand context menu option Check connectivity...
  • iPad  
    • From the licensing dialog, triple-tap anywhere
    • From My Account (if signed in), right-hand context menu option Check Connectivity...

This will generate an .MD (Markdown) / .PDF file which can be sent to our Support Team.

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