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[FAQ] 2.3 Release Notes (improvements and major fixes)

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2.3 Features and Improvements

This post is the list of all new features and improvements included in the 2.3.0 release, and the following post is a list of the main bug fixes.

Features and improvements affecting all platforms

In addition to those features on all platforms above, these are the Windows and macOS features and improvements

  • Move Data Entry improvements
    • Scale option to resize by a given percentage
    • Insertion Mode options to insert duplicates in front of or behind the original object
    • Edit object properties as you transform
    • Improved Number of copies slider behaviour
    • Data Entry tutorial: 
  • Brush names show by default on the Brushes panel
  • Create new documents from assets by dragging from panel to title bar
  • Create shapes of same type and properties from an existing shape selection

In addition to those features on all platforms above, these are the iPad features and improvements

  • Optionally deselect shapes after creation
  • (Photo) Curves adjustment graph editor shows all coloured channel curve

Localised versions of the changes in 2.3 (and those in earlier releases) can be found here

As well as all those improvements above, listed below are the most important bugs that have been fixed

Patrick Connor
Serif Europe Ltd

"There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man. True nobility lies in being superior to your previous self."  W. L. Sheldon


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  • Staff

This post covers the main bug fixes that are included in 2.3.0. The bug fixes are organised by operating system.

(A) Bug fixes which affected all platforms 

  • Crash when deleting Notes from Master page, if pages are added after note creation [AF-1057]
  • DWG file model is not imported correctly [AF-955]
  • Cross references - allow anchors and index marks to be filtered by name [AF-2]
  • Presets can't be added for just the black and white adjustment [AF-520]
  • [User File] Curve objects do not export to PDF / print until node has been edited or object Flipped [AF-640]
  • PDF export fails when document is set to Euroscale Coated V2 [AF-370]
  • Fields Panel - 'Created' field fails to update when using 'Save as' on documents [AF-70]
  • DWG file stuck on loading
  • Word footnote imports with tiny font size
  • When a document is opened, the Index panel may show limited or no entries until Update is clicked
  • Edit placed pdf doesn't show any layers in the layers panel
  • Allow components of a cross-reference's text to be formatted individually
  • Help and Localisation fixes and improvements

(B) Bug fixes which affected Desktop (Windows and macOS)

  • DNG from Samsung phones opens up dark [AF-952]
  • Exporting to PDF RGB/8 with placed images always converts them to 'sRGB2014' regardless of export settings  [AF-946]
  • Crash When Exporting PDF from a book which has anchor cross references across chapters [AF-744]
  • Bleed fails to print when range is set to Artboards [AF-739]
  • Move Data Entry Tool doesn't Duplicate consistently on other pages when using Previous Settings [AF-661]
  • Move Data Entry duplicates secondary instances of a symbol as a Group [AF-653]
  • Alt + Click / Alt + Shift + Click on a new brush to retain size no longer functions for Pixel tools [AF-463]
  • Frankentoon "Splat" macro pack crashes the apps (also needs new download from the Affinity store)
  • Live filters cause bleed to export blank [AF-465]
  • Adding a spread prior to Page 1 in a document is causing all text to disappear [AF-458]
  • Bleed fails to export when you have an adjustment layer on an artboard [AF-413]
  • Text doesn't re-flow when group size indirectly increased [AF-333]
  • Certain files have planar memory leaks when opening and rendering
  • Table of contents and Index Page numbers do not update on Book Output [AF-59]
  • Running Headers Settings- Inconsistent casing on dialog settings [AF-42]
  • Editing a linked document with multiple artboards, incorrectly auto-updates artboard selection to artboard 1  [AF-28]
  • Custom Variables are lost when using 'Add Pages from Files' [AF-18]
  • Bleed fails to export to raster formats when range is set to Artboards [AF-413]
  • Tooltip for Create Custom Field is incorrect after deleting Custom fields [AF-17]
  • Crash adding customer macro pack [AF-1142]
  • List numbering does not sync correctly across multiple files in a book  [AF-1076]
  • Table rotated by 90, the resizing indicators are incorrect [AF-861]
  • Artboard's Layer Panel tooltip displays as 'Rectangle'  [AF-831]
  • Lock icon on Glyph Browser uses the V1 style of Lock icon [AF-800]
  • View > View Mode >Hide effects inconsistency [AF-644]
  • It should not be possible to use 'Move Inside' to place a Symbol inside itself [AF-562]
  • User File - Select Same > Fill fails to detect other objects with the same HEX applied [AF-527]
  • Book Chapters fail to update the 'Restart Page numbering at' field in Section Manager [AF-386]
  • Copying a frame with an index in allows multiple indexes to be in the same document [AF-329]
  • Appearance Panel buttons look disabled in Light UI [AF-252]
  • Replacing Style Source Chapter in Book results in Book without a Style Source Chapter - app crashes when exporting/printing file [AF-223]
  • Editing Cross Reference Strings will always default to English (United Kingdom)
  • Relinking Missing Artboard document reverts all placed versions of the file to the first Artboard in the list
  • Hyperlink control value not set when choosing a preset
  • Too much play/acceleration in the Duplicate slider
  • Add Pages from File invalidates Page Hyperlinks
  • Text doesn't re-flow when group size indirectly decreased
  • Light UI: Show in Explorer button is too dark and looks out of place
  • Cross-references can be inserted on a Master Page but do not function as expected on Pages
  • Previously viewed page fails after text entry

(C) Bugs fixed which specifically affected Windows

  • Dragging an Asset with a layer behind the Asset Studio UI will unexpectedly select the object behind as you drag [AF-1222]
  • Replacing a Linked & Missing PDF resets the Spread and Page Box options [AF-1088]
  • Text > Character Traits shows Strikeout. Other references in app shows as Strikethrough [AF-896]
  • Files in a Write Denied folder should open in a read-only state [AF-808]
  • Move/Duplicate gives different results when facing pages is used [AF-622]
  • Changing White Balance Temperature without enabling the White Balance section auto-collapses panel instantaneously [AF-316]
  • Develop Sliders are not auto enabled when expanding view or changing a value [AF-314]
  • Edit Table Format - Amending the Fill using RGB sliders on a CMYK doc will render an RGB table preview [AF-230]
  • Colour Picker Text is not centred [AF-105]
  • Index panel is missing Show Index/and References options in Preferences [AF-21]
  • Tooltip for Add Custom Field in Fields Panel missing  [AF-15]
  • Node Right Click context menu is missing dividers on Windows [AF-14]
  • Move cmd+K (Find in Layers Panel) from Misc to Layer in Shortcuts
  • Active toast when closing document with colour picker active causes cursor to be invisible
  • File partially locks up app after exporting to SVG (all pages)
  • Changing an applied Text Style 'type' results in a blank Context Toolbar dialog
  • Unable to open/save to Documents with controlled folder access enabled
  • Tabbing out of the White Balance field collapses the group
  • Cross Reference keyboard shortcut entries are missing on Windows
  • On the Edit Table Format dialog, tooltips are the same for table and cell insets
  • Add Pages from File dialog allows for invalid values, causing crashing or failure to add document
  • Recent dialog: Grid/List view button doesn't update when changing UI style
  • Dragging an Asset onto canvas ignores layer selection and always inserts asset at top of layers stack
  • Hyperlink Properties' Character Style dropdown is out of view for Book Chapters. 
  • New Batch Dialog tweaks

(D) Bugs fixed which specifically affected macOS

  • M2 Mac flashing workspace - when using Apple Wide Colour Gamut [AF-473]
  • Deleting a linked swatch from all apps leaves swatch as unlinked in other 2 apps  [AF-1111]
  • Packed Footnotes can appear in the wrong linked text frame [AF-834]
  • Files in a Read Only folder should open in a read only state - incorrect error message shown  [AF-810]
  • Develop Lens Correction does not function on macOS Sonoma [AF-513]
  • Text Key Keyboard Shortcuts do not function on macOS Sonoma [AF-508]
  • Cannot enable Show Topics in Index panel preferences [AF-328]
  • Redraw issue. Bounding box does not display for new selection after using scroll bar until you force Redraw  [AF-295]
  • Keyboard shortcut for Pixel Category > Tools doesn't save after a restart [AF-206]
  • Text Style Panel - numeric entry for colour values in sliders not possible [AF-204]
  • Remove unwanted/missing projects from Recent [AF-203]
  • Bullet and Numbering heading gets truncated using Large Fonts [AF-144]
  • View Mode and Insert location button groups are transparent without a document opened in Light UI [AF-22]
  • Tooltip for Create Custom Field shows as Default Format when no document is open [AF-17]
  • Find and Replace fields won't show the Clear (X) icon when selecting special characters or fields until focus is changed  [AF-1011]
  • User File crashes when changing Footnotes Notes>Initial Advance or Min Advance [AF-791]
  • Books - Synchronise Setting controls don't work correctly when synchronising text styles  [AF-556]
  • Retina Rendering Causes Excessive Screen Flicker When Set to Automatic (Best)  [AF-1156]
  • Styles labels do not obey font size UI preference
  • Table panel > Cell doesn't display link icon by default in Light UI
  • On the Edit Table Format dialog, tooltips are the same for table and cell insets
  • Drag-dropping a file from Finder inside itself shows a Recovery file warning
  • Shortcuts list is not Persona aware and we can set shortcuts for non-exiting actions
  • MFA/2FA dialog shows empty grey pop up on macOS
  • MacOS Keyboard shortcuts list changes depending on the selected Persona before opening preferences
  • On the Edit Table Format dialog, you can't type values for the Frame or Cell Format's Fill setting
  • Keyboard shortcuts for showing/hiding panels are in different categories across platforms
  • Basing a style on an existing one can set Initial Word end characters as [No Change]
  • Slow typing with Anchors panel and long list of anchors
  • Insert Hyperlink Dialog can be resized and hides Character Style dropdown. 
  • Resource Manager- Replacing an existing resource with an .afpub file will default the active spread to the Master page instead of the first page/spread
  • Light UI: Scroll bar background is white which makes it difficult to see
  • The Find command on a text selection's context menu is dimmed, though the command can be invoked via the Text menu
  • Recent doc previews aren't generated until after releasing scroll bar
  • Text Frame > Columns doesn't update Units correctly when switching between multiple open documents
  • Anchor panel 'jumps' up when editing existing anchor name, provided parent - child hierarchy group is present
  • Duplicate entries for keyboard shortcuts
  • Preserve Alpha box and label vanishes after calling dialog a 2nd time
  • With one or more table cells selected, Font Colour on context toolbar displays a cell's fill colour
  • New Anchor button not disabled when it should be
  • Opening two .afbook files stored in different directories but with the same file name causes an app crash
  • Anchor book mark truncates on Mac
  • App locks when replacing files
  • Editing a hyperlink to another books chapter doesn't auto populate correctly

(E) Bugs fixed which specifically affected iPad

  • Escape key on iPad fails to function as Escape like on Desktop [AF-1100
  • Esc key shown as 'UIKEYINPUTESCAPE' when customising Shortcuts [AF-1099
  • Hardware keyboard issue: Deselect command doesn't work for objects, only pixel selections [AF-1092]
  • Colour Picker is showing CMYK colours as RGB [AF-611]
  • Text panel > Character options > Positioning [AF-297]
  • Initial Words > End Characters are not being remembered if changed from default [AF-46]
  • Histogram not showing on Adjustments [AF-928]
  • Names of new navigation options on View menu include the word 'page', whereas desktop uses 'spread'
  • Go to Page command affects the document view differently than equivalent desktop method
  • Go to Page command treats its input as spread number, not page number. 
  • Menu flyouts can't be dismissed via a tap on the same button
  • Edit swatch pop-up has a grey background and hard to see text labels
  • Localisation - Add custom field button has clipped text
  • Table of Contents is Toc when it should be ToC

Affinity Windows applications include the fixes in lists (A)+(B)+(C)

  • (A) Bugs fixes affecting All Apps
  • (B) Bug fixes affecting desktop Apps
  • (C) those fixes affecting Windows

Affinity macOS applications include the fixes in lists (A)+(B)+(D)

  • (A) Bugs fixes affecting All Apps
  • (B) Bug fixes affecting desktop Apps
  • (D) Bug fixes affecting macOS

Affinity iPad applications include the fixes in list (A)+(E)

  • (A) Bugs fixes affecting All Apps
  • (E) Bug fixes affecting iPads.

These list are just the highlights of the many (~300) fixes made during the recent 2.3.0 beta cycle, which are listed in full in this post .

If you have reported a bug and it is not yet fixed, please do not report it again. More fixes will be made in the forthcoming 2.4 beta cycle.

Patrick Connor
Serif Europe Ltd

"There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man. True nobility lies in being superior to your previous self."  W. L. Sheldon


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Here's a list of the bugs which have been fixed in the build 2.3.1 patch
(fixes since the post above for 2.3.0)

Changes/Bugs affecting all platforms

  • Saving a file with a SVG/PSD embedded automatically switches the policy to linked when re-opening the file AF-1416

Bugs affecting Desktop (Windows and macOS)

  • Data Merge can no longer parse JSON files AF-1429

Bugs affecting Windows

  • Add Pages from File- Page number value cannot be specified
  • Can't edit colours in second document palette AF-1545

Bugs affecting macOS

  • Floating and redocking a document creates an empty floating window which cannot be closed AF-1499

Bugs affecting iPad

  • Files containing SVGs crash on open AF-1413

Patrick Connor
Serif Europe Ltd

"There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man. True nobility lies in being superior to your previous self."  W. L. Sheldon


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