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How do I reset the Affinity app back to its default settings?

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Occasionally you may find you want to reset the app back to default settings, or this can be a useful tool to resolve oddities with the Affinity apps.

To do this, please open the app with the CTRL key held down.
When the Clear User Data window appears, you should see 2 separate categories;

Affinity [Photo/Designer/Publisher] 2 & All Affinity Apps.

Options in the top application specific section will reset options only related to the specific Affinity app being launched, for example User Defaults for tools, Keyboard Shortcuts etc:



Options in the bottom application suite section will reset settings for all of your installed Affinity V2 apps:


By default, only the options shown above will be enabled. You can selectively decide which options to enable/disable here as required, or click the top left-most tickbox for each category, in order to select/deselect all options in that category.

When resetting the app, if you wish to return to a 'clean installation' then we recommend selecting all options, in both categories.

Please Note: Completely resetting the app back to the default settings will lose all imported or created brushes, assets, macros, presets etc.
Therefore we recommend exporting these before resetting, if you wish to reinstall these in the application after resetting.


Finally, there is a separate option at the bottom of this dialog if you wish to Deactivate the Affinity Apps:


Selecting this will remove your activation/account details from the Affinity app and you will be prompted to re-activate and sign into your Affinity account when launching the app. 

Please note: this requires an active internet connection to re-activate your Affinity app license with your Affinity ID.


With the required options selected in the Clear User Data dialog, select Clear and the Affinity app should now open, having reset the ticked options.

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