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[FAQ] 2.2 Release Notes (improvements and major fixes)

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2.2 Features and improvements

This post is the list of all new features and improvements included in the 2.2.0 release, and just below it is a list of the main bug fixes.

Features and improvements affecting all platforms

In addition to those features on all platforms above, these are the Windows and macOS features and improvements

In addition to those features on all platforms above, these are the iPad features and improvements

As well as all these improvements over 2.1.1 listed above, listed below are the most important bugs that have been fixed in 2.2

Patrick Connor
Serif Europe Ltd

"There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man. True nobility lies in being superior to your previous self."  W. L. Sheldon


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2.2.0 Bug Fixes

This post covers the main bug fixes that are included in 2.2.0. The bug fixes are organised by operating system.

(A) Bug fixes which affected all platforms 

  • Attached IDML crashes Publisher on open
  • Reset Visibility Options and Reset Snapping Options do not work
  • Fields are not being included in the word count
  • Between Items separator is missing the comma
  • Multi-word text selection is lost if you use Capitalisation options
  • With the Artistic Text Tool, status bar displays different text when point is over panel versus document view
  • Newly placed content is immediately selected in the document view but not in Resource Manager
  • Clicking master page text with the Move tool switches to the Text tool
  • It was possible to apply kerning before the first letter of a frame, which then applies it after the letter
  • Other minor fixes
  • Translation Improvements
  • Help file improvements

(B) Bug fixes which affected Desktop (Windows and macOS)

  • PDF Export isn't exporting the stroke on some curves/fonts correctly
  • Lens correction for Leica DG Nocticron 42.5 F1.2 not being applied automatically
  • User File - Nikon RAW Lens profile is applied, but does not correct as expected
  • Transform origin can randomly jump into a different location
  • Enable Transform Origin point doesn't reset to centre when creating new selections
  • Margin Colour is not being reflected across dialogs when used with Artboards
  • Pen/Node Tool's 'Show Orientation' checkbox is not remembered between app runs
  • Vector Flood Fill - transform handles
  • Boolean operations between (vector) masks & clipped objects and the parents they are nested to
  • User File - Preflight from book panel crashes app
  • Hang whilst attempting to save, if file hasn't fully loaded
  • Pasting Master Page into Photo / Designer > Edit Detached - crash
  • Crash when dragging the contents of duplicate symbols outside of a symbol.
  • Attached file crashes Affinity Publisher on open
  • Exchanging an .Afpub between devices which contains embedded PDF files set to passthrough will reset the policy to linked with the files missing
  • IDML file crashing V2 Publisher on opening
  • Using Swatches for Cell Border colour in Edit Table Format crashes app
  • Crash exporting to PDF when using a specific font
  • User File - Crash on load, possible corrupt pixel data?
  • Develop Persona - Last used preset shown but not applied, requires returning to default before you are then able to apply this preset
  • Layer order affects object selection
  • Develop Persona - Last used preset shown in list but not applied
  • Styles/Afphoto is display incorrect fill colours in 2.1
  • Multi Page PDFs with Bleed fail to display correctly when placed
  • Objects move unexpectedly when grouped
  • Bookmarks are created at the end of the selected text, rather than the start - causing unexpected positioning when selecting bookmark
  • User .afpackage - Importing file claims 0 missing, though 90+ images are marked as missing after opening
  • Find and Replace - Replace All with singular characters reduces multiple repeats to singular, different results with multiple Replace clicks
  • Placed source document dimensions are incorrectly updated after updating the placement policy in the destination document
  • App doesn't warn about Recursive document placement when dragging a file in or using Resource Manager
  • Copy a text selection with Index Marks fails to create the topic when pasted into a new document
  • PDF Passthrough Incorrectly Flags Text as Object of a Different Colourspace
  • Placed Passthrough PDFs with a Min/Max Content Page box add an unnecessary mask layer to remove crop marks on export
  • Setting Min/Max content Page boxes on placed Passthrough PDF files can incorrectly offset/crop the contents
  • Deleting note in attached file causes app to crash
  • Running header field - changing case causes crash
  • Data merge with Inline picture frames fails to generate with filled content
  • Page re-numbering using Books panel not working
  • Placing RAW file on Master A and opening in Develop crashes app, no crash on other Master pages
  • 2 node Curve moves position when Transform >Length is changed on a multi-page document
  • Linked documents not rendering correctly
  • Changing the DPI of a document causes single pages to inherit size of selection in "Show Dimensions of:"
  • Crash inserting a page before Page 1
  • Users V1 file crashing on open
  • DOCX - numbering/bullets and list levels not matching word when placed
  • Show on startup checkbox is present on Account dialog on Windows but not Mac
  • New Document dialog: Category title inconsistencies
  • Switching accounts without linking can leave the app licensed to the wrong account
  • No licence-expired message shown when 90 day trial PKs expire
  • Alt/OPT + Modifier key no longer invokes when assigned to Increase/Decrease Brush size Shortcuts
  • Library Panel: Inconsistencies with Renaming, Deleting and Editing macros
  • LAB swatches in ASE do not import
  • Grouping one object doesn't add the layer to the group
  • Maximum/Minimum Content Page boxes on placed .AF files no longer display content outside of the canvas area
  • Select same / object hidden object toggle issue
  • Transform Origin with multiple Group selections cause the Origin to become offset after the first rotation, further transforms of the origin point do not work as expected
  • User file - sections of curve not recognised by Node Tool until new nodes are added to object
  • Inserting Endnotes in TOC deletes text.
  • Endnotes title not included in TOC
  • OK button remains greyed out after entering valid email address
  • User file - V1.4 PDF set to passthrough shows incorrectly in the export dialog, when exporting is converted to interpret (as expected?) but moves to the top of the page incorrectly
  • PDF bleed differs when exporting using the Books panel
  • Swedish double right quotation marks aren't kept on same line as enclosing word
  • Table Format Editor does not show Fill Tint, Border Stroke Colour / Width, Frame Fill & Frame Stroke Colour / Width
  • On Paragraph panel, text that explains when there are no tab stops is truncated (macOS) or not shown (Windows)
  • Adding footnote from cell of inline table does not correctly assign space for footnote within the text frame
  • When an anchor targeted by a cross-ref is renamed, the cross-ref's name on the Cross-References panel does not update
  • Filter by [No Style] currently filters by all styles
  • Impossible to move a layer above a picture frame if the frame is at the top of the stack
  • Hit areas when moving Picture Frames via the layers tab aren't correct
  • Space incorrectly gets added to text on clipboard if you double click a word to highlight
  • Font drop down does not use Dark UI version
  • In Develop Persona, the Develop Assistant's tooltip has been incorrectly named Assistant Settings (Mac) and Assistant Preferences (Win)
  • German UI - Stroke flyout - text overlapping icons
  • Other minor desktop fixes

(C) Bugs fixed which specifically affected Windows

  • Copying of settings from Release to Beta isn't working on Windows
  • Crash double-clicking colour swatch with custom Windows scaling
  • 'Add Pages from File' does not relinquish control of source file, even after closing new destination document
  • Pressing Enter to select Parent Index topic crashes app
  • Updating linked pdf placed multiple times can cause a hang
  • App freezes when shift+click twice in a blank space with Art text or frame selected.
  • Cannot Drag-drop a brush from Brush panel into Sub Brushes
  • Live Noise Reduction with AMD GPU, Hardware Acceleration and HDR enabled causes rendering issues.
  • Device Independent Bitmap paste is empty if copied from Affinity
  • Decrease shortcut fails in AZERTY layout
  • Placing an image and then undocking Layers panel and applying a Curve Adjustment will crash the app
  • Settings > Autocorrect auto selects the first character typed, meaning further characters overwrite and you cannot type a full word
  • Table Stroke via the Context toolbar doesn't work first time
  • Studiolink- MSI install - Non default folder
  • Index - Incorrect out of date message and doesnt refresh correctly
  • Scrolling Mouse Wheel in Hex Colour field does not set Fill colour for selected object
  • In Export window when Include bleed is enabled, the With Bleed sizing text is truncated
  • Shift modifier to synchronise colour sliders stops functioning when sliders reach '100%'
  • When the - key is assigned to a shortcut the shortcut does not work in v2.1
  • when trying to assign the numeric key pad + key a = is assigned instead
  • Selecting a Studio Panel name also selects an option within the studio behind it, when the studio swap causes a change in height
  • Colour input method from the Context Toolbar well is not retained after restarting the app
  • Size Limit dropdown is not being reflected between session instances
  • Brush Panel: Move/Copy to Category doesn't show leading _ in category names
  • Unable to resize Arrowheads with mousehweel
  • Resource Manager: There is very little space to display the image name
  • Using the Transparent Swatch as a Matte option causes the next Matte colour selection to fail to apply, but subsequent changes work
  • Layer identifiers get stuck when changing the UI Style
  • Unable to rename layer by clicking away
  • Unable to set Matte to white using sliders for formats that don't support transparency
  • Preserve Luminosity does not function with hardware acceleration turned off
  • Layers panel scrolls when dragging layer outside of panel.
  • Corner type not updated when starting with TL corner
  • Dragging a swatch using the Vector Flood Fill tool fails to preview on Windows
  • Insert Hyperlink dialog fails to show all text styles until you view the Text Styles Panel
  • Opacity cannot be changed using context toolbar fill selection if a PANTONE swatch is used
  • Drag and dropping image onto canvas places file on 'active' page, rather than 'visible' page
  • The image contains insufficient metadata
  • Export preview is zoomable using +/-
  • Large delay when editing a table formats stroke
  • Considerable delay when switching tabs
  • "OK" isn't disabled if no valid cross reference exists in the Insert Cross Reference dialog
  • Index panel Using separator results in several characters being inserted.
  • Switching between documents is very slow
  • Data merge - Esc closes the progress bar but not the process
  • Vector Formats are zoomable in Export Preview using +/- or CTRL + 1-4
  • Other minor Windows specific fixes

(D) Bugs fixed which specifically affected macOS

  • Dragging RGB Hex label causes app hang with Lock Colourspace is disabled
  • Apps should offer Save As after simultaneous edit
  • App lock when closing file
  • App occasionally crashes when you press Return within Insert Cross-Reference dialog's Filter text field
  • Colour & Stroke options on the Context Toolbar has a hitbox which is too small
  • Application (running) doesn't maximize when we click the icon on the dock
  • Unable to Manually Enter a Width Value in the Stroke Panel
  • If you switch the index language to one we don't have translations for all the separators are empty
  • Text Selection when scrolling across multiple pages
  • An Above Below cross reference to a pinned object always says 'below'
  • Cross references displayed as paragraph numbers may unexpectedly display 0
  • Float to view loses Window
  • Attempting to re-arrange toolbar can lead to app's window frame moving
  • Vector Flood - "Add bitmap from file" button looks different
  • Unable to deactivate through CTRL-run up if another affinity app is running
  • Rename Layer/artboard dialogs not fully translated
  • CTRL run-up > Clear user data pop-up > Deactivate button > Text has low contrast
  • Localisation - Strokes Panel - Mac
  • On Text Frame panel, tooltips on various stroke-related controls are incorrect or inconsistent
  • Preflight panel may not display page number containing a placed PDF that has issues and inappropriately show Fix button
  • Large Font size UI issues:
    • Portuguese Stroke Panel & Preferences
    • Clipped in RAM/Disk usage fields
    • Multiple languages, Keyboard Shortcuts panel issues (overlapping buttons)
    • Export conflicts dialog in Export Persona is clipped
    • Layers Opacity % is clipped
    • Channel Mixer dialog labels are cut off
  • Buttons on Cross-References panel remain unexpectedly available after deselecting a cross-reference
  • Incorrect display of assets in list mode on OSX.
  • When inserting a cross-reference and filtering the targets list, the list may not fully refresh until clicked
  • After deselecting a cross-reference on the Cross-References panel, it's auto-selected next time the panel is opened
  • Cross-References panel and fields do not indicate a cross-reference is invalid if its target has been deleted
  • Acknowledging the duplicate style name warning dismisses the edit style menu
  • Add Master Menu - Entering a Name and then switching between spread/page clears the name field
  • Sort order icon on Hyperlinks panel is cropped
  • UI menu inconsistencies for Edit in AppName
  • Sub-brush editing very laggy
  • On the Edit Table Format dialog, the Escape key is bound to Reset rather than Cancel
  • Data Merge sources stored on a Cloud drive won't update if the cloud file isn't downloaded
  • Swatches panel: Cannot change selected bitmap fill to another bitmap fill in the same swatch (M1 specific)
  • Stroke join type renders randomly on M1 devices
  • Vector Brush tool resetting brush size back to default when tool swapping tools
  • Add-on file size isn't being hidden during download/install progress
  • Many other macOS specific fixes

(E) Bugs fixed which specifically affected iPad

  • OCIO package file (.ocio) not selectable from Preferences, Colour, "Choose OCIO Package" dialog (file greyed out)
  • Arrange, Transform and Alignment buttons can all be lit at the same time leading to a crash
  • App crash when opening section manager for some files
  • Sample files can occasionally have Preferences button incorrectly and cause crashes
  • iPad doesn't deal with decimal accuracy properly
  • Backgrounding then restoring Affinity app while loading, shows sign-in prompt even if licensed
  • iPad Ruler Marks get incorrectly scaled with document zoom
  • On Transform panel's Alignment Options, pop-up menu for alignment scope is disabled
  • Gradient tool tip on iPad is incorrectly labelled "Fill"
  • Place panel cannot be re-invoked if dismissed
  • Spelling > Learn spelling learns the next word in the list and not the current selection
  • Tapping the question mark in the bottom right corner does not add labels / tooltips to items in the context toolbar
  • Filter Add-Ons by Text Search fails to reflect any downloads that are started/stopped
  • Group option not present on Edit menu in Photo
  • RAW file from a Panasonic DMC-GM5 shows wrong size in Metadata Studio 1920 x 1440 instead of 4608 x 3464
  • On Text panel's Bullets and Numbering section, 'Tab stop' option's label is overset in fr and pt-BR
  • Allignment options on ipad do not respect the document measurement units and always show px as default.
  • Rulers can be re-enabled with preview mode still enabled
  • Guide marks are much harder to see on iPad ruler
  • When applying a master to specified pages, the on-screen keyboard obscures the field in which you're typing page numbers
  • Styles dropdown is offset slightly
  • Selecting Preview Mode from menu doesn’t update toolbar button’s state
  • Document > Guides > Margins > Values don't change until we release the drag with Uniform ON
  • Show Anchors icon does not change when tapped
  • Add the ability to tap through top menus
  • Vector Brush tool resetting brush size back to default when tool swapping tools
  • Swatches panel: Cannot change selected bitmap fill to another bitmap fill in the same swatch (M1 specific)
  • Stroke join type renders randomly on M1 devices
  • Add-on file size isn't being hidden during download/install progress
  • Many other iPadOS specific fixes

Affinity Windows applications include the fixes in lists (A)+(B)+(C)

  • (A) Bugs fixes affecting All Apps +
  • (B) Bug fixes affecting desktop Apps +
  • (C) those fixes affecting Windows

Affinity macOS applications include the fixes in lists (A)+(B)+(D)

  • (A) Bugs fixes affecting All Apps +
  • (B) Bug fixes affecting desktop Apps +
  • (D) Bug fixes affecting macOS

Affinity iPad applications include the fixes in list (A)+(E)

  • (A) Bugs fixes affecting All Apps +
  • (E) Bug fixes affecting iPads.

These list are just the highlights of the many (300+) fixes made during the recent 2.2.0 beta cycle, which are listed in full in this post .

If you have reported a bug and it is not yet fixed, please do not worry or report it again. More fixes will be made in the forthcoming 2.3 beta cycle.

Patrick Connor
Serif Europe Ltd

"There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man. True nobility lies in being superior to your previous self."  W. L. Sheldon


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