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DXF or DWG file import in Affinity Designer

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First, Affinity Designer is beautiful and extremely efficient tool. I like it!



I am doing design and artwork for front panels / operating panels of electric devices and machines. The drawings are available in DXF and / or DWG from Autocad (trademark). What would really speed up my workflow is the option to *import* DXF or DWG files. 


Considering that these files can carry very complex information it would be sufficient to be able import only a single layer file or a single layer of such a file. This contains all mechanical data so I can be sure that the artwork will match the target device.



Adobe Illustrator has this feature.


Export of DXF / DWG files is actually not required for this kind of work.




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I purchased Affinity Designer for two specific purposes: one, to work with DXF files produced in ANSYS SpaceClaim, which can then be sent to all manner of cutters (laser, waterjet, CNC routers); and two, to repair DXF files needed for copyright and patent applications.  My old version of illustrator did this, though poorly, which is why I do not wish to use it any longer. Unfortunately, Designer doesn't do this at all.  I am posting here just to reinforce others' requests that DXF support be added to Affinity Designer.

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yup, this would be a very helpful feature to add!

can someone officially say something about DXF/DWG support?

is it still in the plans, when is it possible to implement, or should we expect it in the near future, etc.,

the last reply from MEB was a long time ago.

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