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  1. Ben, Many thanks for taking the time to reply. I will investigate ways to keep the NAS connection up.
  2. I have the same problem but it is not the reliability of the location it is the fact that when windows goes into sleep mode the connection to the NAS closes. Is there no way to 'pause' the shutdown until the connection can be re-established and the save completed?
  3. Many thanks for the quick reply. The problem seems to have resolved itself (?restart of Windows?). The issue was that in the pop-up window there was no parenthesis with all the various file extensions listed and none of the relevant files showed up in the explorer window. All it said was 'Affinity Files' and that's it - clicking on the box also only showed 'Affinity Files' with no list of file types. Again, thanks for the quick reply and just glad it resolved itself.
  4. In AD, when I try to place a file (File>Place...), the only option in the 'Open' pop-up in the lower right corner is Affinity Files. I cannot place jpg, pdf etc. This seems to have only occurred since updating to Windows 10 (now 1709). I have uninstalled and reinstalled the application but that has not solved the issue. Many thanks, Karl
  5. Properties>Details Image gives 72 So does xmp Raw Data in PS.
  6. Thanks for the additional comments. My concern is pragmatic. I was asked for a 300dpi image for printing and when I checked in AP after resizing, it said 72. I did not want to get an email back saying I had sent the wrong resolution - and then email back saying, 'trust me' or 'put it into InDesign and it should register as 300dpi.....
  7. Thanks for the reply. Good to know I'm not hallucinating. I still think it's worth being a squeaky wheel - otherwise there won't be any oil....
  8. I have found this remains an issue - which is in my view is very significant in terms of both user experience and functionality. This is what happens. Open a photo taken on a phone in AP and in Document>Resize Document it reads Size: 3104pt x 1746pt; DPI 72 Open the same photo in PS and in Image>Image Size it reads Size: 3104pt x 1746pt; DPI 72 Original file size is 1.896MB Change the resolution in AP: Document>Resize Document>DPI 300>uncheck Resample>click Resize Reopen Document>Resize Document it reads Size: 745pt x 419; DPI 300 <cancel> Export the file to jpeg File>Export...>Export Settings size shows as 3104x1746>click Export File size is now 5.499MB Open the _exported_ jpeg in AP and in Document>Resize Document it reads Size: 3104pt x1746pt; DPI 72 Open the same file in PS and in Image>Image Size it reads Size: 3104pt x 1746pt; DPI 72 ?! Place the exported image in an InDesign Document and check the Link information Links>select image and it reads Actual PPI: 300; Dimensions: 3104pt x 1746pt ?!! THEN Change the resolution in PS: Image>Image Size>DPI 300>uncheck Resample>click OK Save file as jpeg File>Save As...> click Save File size is now 4.357MB Open File in AP, Document>Resize Document it reads Size: 745pt x 419; DPI 300 <cancel> This is to say, the resolution has clearly been changed but neither AP nor PS is able to display the correct information. The same thing happens whether the file is exported before or after saving the file as and .afphoto and even after closing and reopening the .afphoto file. Thanks for any help in the matter.
  9. Hi Sima, I've tested your suggestion and so far it seems to work. I did not realise that the 'Scale with Object' is inherited by the object and any copies (Cntrl+K Illustrator mentality I'm afraid) and imparted by Cntrl+Shift+V. Many thanks for your help. Karl
  10. Hi Chris, Many thanks for the reply. Here is the file. Karl 1-73_103_Arnolds Park concept.afdesign
  11. On a file I've been working on for some time, the paste attributes keyboard shortcut gives variable results - after selecting a line, then hitting control + c then selecting new line and hitting shift + control + v, the colour is correct but the stroke width is either larger or smaller (by a seemingly arbitrary amount). Also the 'sync defaults from selection' is not consistent. Drawing a line, generally the colour is correct but the stroke width is infinitesimally small. The problem seems to be specific to the file because I've tried the functions on a fresh file and they work fine.
  12. I'd like to add support for this feature - glad it looks like a straightforward task. Just to add - great work. Thanks.
  13. Another voice in support of dxf/dwg support. Many thanks