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  1. smpcteixeira

    blend tool

    Thank you, MEB.
  2. smpcteixeira

    blend tool

    I also need this tool! Are there any prediction of when the tool will be implemented?
  3. smpcteixeira

    Affinity Video Editor?

    I don't have time to read all the answers, so, what's the best FREE alternative to After Effects to make simple typography and mockups animations and export them to gif format? There is some?
  4. Animation timeline with gif format export is essential to create animated mockups to show in a portfolio.
  5. Nowadays it is super important to create animations to show animated mockups in the portfolio, for example. For me, it would be great if you could add a timeline that would allow me to export the animations to the gif format.
  6. smpcteixeira

    Symbols problem

    Thank you very much, Alex! It works perfectly. I was doubling the background color unnecessarily.
  7. smpcteixeira

    Symbols problem

    Hi, I'm having a strange behavior with symbols. I have created a symbol above a background with a color that is used in the symbol too and, as you can see in the files attached, there is an external border that appears in the affinity designer file and when I export to pdf that border appears too. I don't have any border in the shapes I have used as you can see in the file attached. Anyone knows why this is happening and if it is a bug of AD? I need to resolve this because that's an element being part of my CV and I want to send him to a company and it looks horrible. How can I fix this? I appreciate your support, Sérgio Symbols.afdesign
  8. I have the same problem. Is there any provision for resolution?
  9. smpcteixeira

    Apple Color Picker and Affinity

    I have the same problem. Is there any provision for resolution?
  10. It is not a Windows bug. I'm using the Mac version of AD and I have the same issue. The alignment with "manual alignment" works well but the alignment with "alignment panel" doesn't. With the "alignment panel" I can't align text inside a rectangle to center vertically.
  11. smpcteixeira

    [AD] Align with key object / aligning nodes

    The align to key objects feature is essential for me too. There is any prevision when it will be implemented?
  12. smpcteixeira

    Recolor panel

    I need this feature too. It is very important to speed up the workflow. I have my infographic CV made in AD with a limited number of colors and now I want to change the colors of text and backgrounds and I'll have a lot of work because I have to select one by one... With this feature would be much easier! More options in the Select Menu (select same fill, stroke, etc.) will help too!
  13. I need this feature too!
  14. Awesome! Where can I access them?