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  1. Would love to have DXF and DWG import and export. Using Onshape--very cool parametric 3D CAD cloud app. It now can import DXF and DWG. Would love to be able to export some of y logo designs to Onshape so I can model my logos in 3D and output them to my 3D printer.
  2. rtideas

    DAUB Comics Basic Set 2.0

    Thanks! Very nice. AD is slowly sinking in. Broke down and bought a tablet. Nice to have a few more brushes to play with.
  3. I'd like to see selected nodes that are scaleable, rotatable AND can use the alignment tools. Also, the ability to set the center point that the nodes translate about.
  4. Oh yes. Was looking how to do this myself. Would be very, very helpful. +1 request as well.