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  1. Got a further update of the Designer on my Mac. Now I'm on 1.9.2. Of course without DXF support as usual. You are doing really an outstanding job in not choosing what features to implement based on forum thread posting counts. The are not many others ignoring community needs as patiently like you do .. well done! @PurpleFish .. I will try Inkscape next time I have to deal with dxf, thanks for the tip
  2. Reals? .. I will check this .. Right now I have seen this on the Inkscape homepage:
  3. As a user (and Maker) I will pay for what fit's my needs and my budget. I would need serif ONLY for processing dxf files from fusion360 for laser cutting. I have a MAC and there is NO cheap Corel and NO free Inkscape as far as I know .. If I find any other program with is worth to buy, I will go with that and will never never ever come back to affinity. Why? Because I have bought it years ago with the assumption that it will the dxf support will be added soon. Yea .. we all know how things have turned out. But now I'm a disappointed and upset customer. And to be serious .. If they want, they could have added the support easily as it is (as said before) straight forward and state of the art. So from my point of view they don't want to add the support. For what ever reason ever, in the meanwhile I don't care any more.
  4. Happy Birthday dear abandoned Feature, we miss you so mutch On top of that nothing else has to be said!!
  5. I have have tried Inkscape on my Mac .. and yes its not impossible .. you have to install some stuff by using homebrew as far I can remember .. but that's not the way Apps should be installed on a Mac. And then the ui is pretty bad, it can't deal with scaling fonts and so on. Finally you you have a really bad day using it on a 4K Monitor. And I said .. "so I decided for me" .. not that it's not possible in general. Regarding offers .. I payed approximately 60€ for my Corel Suite on Amazon! See what you get there for your money and don't tell things abut expectations! You get Draw with the ability to OPEN and SAVE in almost every Format AND Photo-Paint on top. I'm Unwatching this thread now as I consider it currently as useless. It has been about introducing dxf support to AD and it can be assumed that this will not happen in the near future! br and don't wast your time on things you can't change J.
  6. Well I know there is inkscape .. but have you ever tried it yourself on a Mac? .. there are issues with MacOs so it is not available straight away .. you have to install this and that and after some time wehen you got it up and running its not performing well .. so I decided for me that Inkscape is no option als long it is in this state. My solution is my old windows laptop with my CorelDraw license installed .. but honestly .. it's a shame that on MacOs (which is used by all those fancy creative people) PS is more or less the only reliable and smooth tool. And then there is serif with the designer .. the app recommended in App Store by apple .. the super trooper vector tool for 50 BUCKS .. and there is no dxf support .. but hey .. you can file a feature request But now as there is Corel back on macOS I feel hope again .. maybe there is a cheap home version some day.
  7. This issue here so typical for being some kind of unprofessional (and to avoid misunderstandings .. I'm talking about serif ;-)). In my business, I never ever comment "maybe later someday" on a requested feature. I always try say clearly yes or no! If this is not possible for some good reason I provide a schedule to come to a decision and keep the process transparent! So basically I want to be "deterministic" for my customers. Suggesting it will be done some day, letting people wait and never commit clearly to a decision makes people upset somewhen .. doesn't matter if the product is free, cost 50k or 50 bugs like this one. Also other features don't Mather that much in this case in my experience. And this is what happens here right now. As stated before, I'm a Mac user and need to work with DXF files only from time to time. I can either by PS and burn my money as I will never use 95% of it's features .. or .. hmm .. Corel is a alternative but also either expensive. I have not found an inexpensive Mac tool to work with. And I will NOT pay several hundert bugs for something I need twice a year. So here we are. br J.
  8. 1) Who said that features are not worth to pay for .. Make a new major version put the most demanded features in and offer the update for 10-20 bugs. major = significant step forward. 2) Who has forced you to offer free updates (and especially feature updates not just bugfixes) and create a forum where users can file requests?? By doing so you create expectations. If you can't fulfill them those who are left behind will get frustrated some day. This should not be that huge surprise! 3) I habe not read anything offending .. just a lot of frustrated users who wait a looooooooooong time for something which is more or less common! Works as designed imho!
  9. If a SW dev state's he can do in within a day this does not have to be true .. and I'm a SW Dev. PM so I'm know what I'm talking about ;-) But this changes nothing at this topic. Just rank the feature requests by views or comments .. this one is definitely not the one with the less attention from the community. I thing that they just don't care at all as they will sell enough licenses without this feature and they are also working on this new app .. forgot the name .. sorry. My use case would be was to get dxf (ore any other compatible format) from fusion360, place it, change line colors and export as dxf for laser cutting. As a Mac user there has only been the illustrator for this job which is way to expensive for me. Now there is also Corel .. I hope that there will be a good offer some day .. until then I'm using my old win10 laptop just for this job. Maybe Inkscape gets Mac support again .. 0.92.2 does not perform well. Anyway .. Im strongly convinced that they don't care about DXF support at all .. I don't wait for it or expect it to come, as soon there is an other alternative I will use it.
  10. COME ON!!!! .. the next unsupported Format :-( The designer can't work with dxf .. and now this .. I feel like wasting my money when buying affinity products! I'm so disappointed!!
  11. As said before .. im shure there will be special offers from Corel .. hopefully also for Mac. Let's see what happens first!
  12. Have seen right now that Corel Draw is now available for MAC .. This changes lot for Mac users and put's Serif under pressure if they don't want to be defined by their license price.
  13. LOL .. So you are telling us that one of the most wanted features will be in Version 2.x and we have to pay again .. Acknowledged! Holy S*** .. Right now I have seen that Corel Draw is now available for MAC!!!!! Have not tried it, but in the last 20Years while I have been using Windows and therefore CorelDraw, DXF support has never been a problem. Therefore I assume that this will be also true for the 2019 MAC version. Maybe a new serious competitor might change serif's mind .. if not .. I'm sure there will be a home edition of CD someday
  14. Hi .. I want to share my latest findings which provide a solution for my needs (I have to get data from fusion360 and prepare it for laser cutting) The finding is that there is a way to export SVG data from fusion360, see here: This works pretty good for me on my Mac and I don't depend any longer on the (for Mac users) horrible supported DXF format. So I can use almost every vector drawing application and I'm fine for now. One more interesting finding: If this is true there is a good chance to get DXF support in a hopefully not so far future! So I will buy now AD in the app shop and hope that DXF support will be added before the SVG export in fusion360 might be dropped. br J.
  15. So am I .. I will use Inkscape as I don't have an other option
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