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  1. Live paint bucket (and vector fill) URGENTLY needed! Inkscape sort of has both, but lacks too many other things
  2. While we are waiting for a vector fill function to appear in Affinity Designer, does any of you guys have a tip on how to get as close as possible to that ingenious function of PhotoLine: ...i.e. a fill bucket that fills areas of bitmaps with vector fills (!) and creates a new vector layer for this purpose -- totally brilliant. I am aware that probably no other program can do this at the moment, therefore I'm looking for a simple tool that can fill unicolored (say, empty white) areas of bitmaps with bitmap hatch lines, whereby this bitmap hatching however must be renderable with variable width, and with high resolution. Thus, it is not sufficient if the hatch lines are 1 pixel wide, as is the case with most bitmap editors. In other words, how do I fill a uni-colored area of a bitmap with a high-resolution, scalable bitmap hatch -- ideally with variable line width, variable angle, and variable spacing? Thanks for any ideas on which graphics/bitmap editor can do this!
  3. Thanks, that sounds like potential good news Dominik
  4. Whoa Dominik, that sounds as if there actually is a workaround for vector pattern fills in Designer. Thank you, I shall try this when I need a vector pattern fill the next time. Best regards David
  5. This looks great and indeed is a vector pattern fill. However it goes totally over my head how this guy did it (see his video attached below). Thankful for any explanation, David Pattern_test.mov
  6. yes yes yes! The possibility to import CAD drawings into Affinity Designer without creating zillions of polyline points from perfect Bezier curves and circles is an absolute dream feature. I currently use an ancient version of Visio (2003) which has the amazing ability to do exactly that, i.e. remove 99% of the polyline points and converting everything back to pure Bezier perfection. Affinity Product Managers, please get moving!
  7. OK so I only want to copy a group from page 3 of my (originally PDF) document to page 2 and paste it exactly in place there. For the life of me I can't seem to be able to do that. BTW, is there a "single page view" of a multi page document? I can't find that either
  8. +1 for this feature. This is something that even Visio 2003 could already do: http://www.visguy.com/2009/07/02/draw-tangent-lines-in-visio/
  9. I wished it even would show that icon when selecting something and hovering over the rotation handle -- but it doesn't for me What's more, when I rotate a group (containing a bitmap and lots of vectors) using "Transform" values, that group doesn't even rotate about its center
  10. Yeah, but even then only for some simple shapes or text boxes. For bitmaps or more complex paths, it's not available. Well, I don't urgently need it at the moment anyway. Thanks
  11. Thanks -- but that's greyed out for almost every object selection I make 🤔
  12. A rather redundant answer, don't you think? I suppose that this means there is no such function in Affinity Designer.
  13. Yeah thanks, had seen that. Sorry, forgot to mention that I'm looking for a way to do the same in Affinity Designer.
  14. Hi Forum, Is there a function to trim the canvas size down to the size of the drawing objects (i.e. to the size of their bounding box)? Thanks for ideas
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