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  1. Hi yes going through import category and then from icloud .... I've tried doing the same on publisher but nothing happens even though it says its downloading from publisher. Ive run through the same process on my desktop downloading frankentoon assets and they go in fine but not on the ipad
  2. Hi Anyone lese having issues importing assets into an ipad.... when I try from the cloud it wont even recognise the file types. Even though they are the same ones loaded into my desk top and laptop
  3. aahh .... misread .... I took 'insert' as actually loading up the assets...must remember not to do 3 things at the same time 🙂
  4. The issue over importing assets to my Ipad air 3 doesnt seem to have been fixed in .3...still have the same problem of not importing assets , in fact when I try from a cloud server it doesn't even recognise the file type
  5. Cant re load my affinity store brushes ....also seems to be an issue opening up Indesign files....it doesnt seem to be able to even see them.... Also when I try and load brushes or packs saved in my cloud storage its impossible to stack them up to download....you have to do it individually ...if they download at all.... Also any brushes saved in google drive are showing up as incompatible file formats
  6. Its a bit like been handed a box of chocolates to discover someone ate them already...!!
  7. Seem to be getting different issues on different systems.....but on my main render PC I get a crash when trying to install purchased Affinity store items ...doesnt happen straight away , it looks like they are attempting to download but then it just dies
  8. Might be slightly off topic but since its about the UI...I would like to see the option to change the backdrop colour of assets panels etc so that you can identify elements better ...sometimes I struggle ...also the option to view larger thumbnails...... And when a button is pressed it changes to an actual colour rather than a slightly different shade.
  9. It just seems the wrong way to go about it ....and if that was the correct way to go about it then why only in artboards and not in page/leaflet layout in Publisher....or even just normal document layout in Designer....if its not used it shouldn't be an option to use Its like selling a pair of kids velcro fastening shoes and including laces I agree on the dimmed part of the artwork
  10. This may be intentional for the software but its the first time I noticed it after a question was asked on one of the open forums....... Why is it that artwork on artboards doesn't extend to the bleed line?
  11. Got an issue with adding a gradient colour to vector brushes...also happens in the release version....the colour wheel jumps all over the place...just had a driver update installed yesterday Desktop_2021_02.26_-_14_47_09_01.mp4
  12. Yes which makes a great deal of sense , if probably not a little difficult with the legal side.
  13. Never said it was an advertising gambit ....my point is I now have most of the content on there and for the My Account feature to make sense the shop needs regular new content to purchase ....something it hasnt had as far as I can remember for a long time.....Most of the packs sold on their come from collections so its not as if they are not available.....But purchasing away from the affinity store means these are not tied to the MY ACOUNT feature .... It then makes more sense to have it especially if going through the store gives you the opportunity for a nominal discount if that can be negotiated with the providers.
  14. For the new 'My Account' function to work the web shop needs to be updated regularly with new content to purchase.....as it stand I cant remember seeing anything new since I came to affinity last April....Do we know if there any plans to do this.
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