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  1. +1 for DXF support! Using Inkscape to convert is annoying.
  2. Is it possible to destructively apply a later mask so the export only has the lines visible on screen? Here is why: I've been playing around with topographical maps, a laser cutter and wood veneers. Starting with USGS vector data I've separated the 10' topo lines for the area around my house. I've laser cut these lines on wood veneers and glued them up to build a 3D map of my neighborhood. Its pretty cool, but I want to etch the rivers/lakes and roads too. My design has ~30 layer groups for each of the topo lines and a layer group with the water and roads. I want to generate 30 layers for each of the of the layers to be etched. To do this I want to mask the water and roads layer with a pair of the topo layers. Visually I can do this by creating a mask of the two topo layers and applying it to the water and roads group. However, this in only on the screen. When this is exported lots of other lines come through. I've done a few layers with the Intersect, and Divide commands, but it doesn't work with a multi curve group. IFNY-sort-redueced.afdesign
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