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  1. Even Office Icons aren't squares:
  2. Thanks for the tip with rasterizing - that works kind of fine. The resolutions is still lower than the origianl. But it looks way better than the first outcome! No problem, love your fantastic work! Keep it up!
  3. Jep - they are everywhere in Austria and Germany
  4. Im using "pdf for print" - what is suspicious to me is the info in the brackets (nothing will be rendered) The Ressources look okay to me!? This is what the pdf looks like with 400dpi. No difference.
  5. You will find the Dropbox link to both of the files here. merci
  6. The Publisher Logo looks very similar to the Hornbach Logo and once you have seen it you can't unsee it!
  7. No matter which option I choose, all pictures are compressed in a wired way. I have attached, the original from the Publisher. And the exported PDF. - The Images on the bottom are looking okay to me.
  8. Are there any Updates for the DXF Support? Waitin since 2014... #sad
  9. Hey - Let's make DXF available! N1 feature for all laser cutters out there! @Affinity thx for your great work!
  10. DXF for lasercutting for the win! Please!
  11. Ntracks

    DXF and DWG

    YES YES YES! I have opened a thread to this topic too. PLEASE ad DXF Format!
  12. Wow that totally works! So why should anyone need the other option?
  13. I have recorded another example in a new project. All paths use the exact same settings. the only difference is that the second path is a little bit more complex. one time it works and on time not..!? Link to Video
  14. Sorry I'm not shure if I get you right. All layers are set to normal!? And if I change the layer fill modes nothing notable happens.

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