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  1. It is v1.0.1 that I am running. It is nowhere near as nice as Affinity but crucially it can handle DXF files.
  2. You can get Inkscape for Mac. I use it to get from Fusion360 DXFs to Affinity. A pain that I have to use this in my workflow but it does work.
  3. While a business should always have their own strategic view as to the features they wish to add, would it really be so bad to add features that the user base is clamouring for via the only avenue of request open to us?
  4. Well given Inkscape is open source perhaps your developers should download the source code and take a look for some inspiration. https://gitlab.com/inkscape/inkscape/-/tree/0.92.x
  5. Thanks for the insight Patrick but could you please explain how the completely free Inkscape manages to have this functionality? They clearly are not paying any license fees per user.
  6. Happy Birthday thread. 6 years old today! Come on Affinity, please please add this feature for all the architects, engineers, digital artists, home crafters, etc. out there. If the free and open source Inkscape can do this I am baffled why it is proving such a headache for you to add.
  7. In just over 2 weeks on the 23rd March this thread will be 6 years old! Pretty old for such a relatively simple but hugely important feature request. I suggest we all mark this by posting a comment on the 23rd March, reaffirming our support for DXF support. Hopefully this will cause a spike on someone’s dashboard and perhaps prompt some action.
  8. That is a shame as I am pretty sure everyone who has commented on this thread has been a good boy/girl this year.
  9. Given this thread was started over 5 years ago I think you are VERY correct in your statement.
  10. The free and open source Inkscape can support this. There are free online SVG to/from DXF conversion websites that support this. If they can support this for free I am at a loss as to why Affinity cannot build it into their paid for commercial offering. I can get around this limitation using other tools but the whole point of paying for a software package is that it offers more than the free alternatives, not less. Come on Affinity, this has been going on for far too long. Sort it out!!
  11. “Photoshopped”? Surely you mean “Affinitied”? 😝
  12. I have had this disappointing response back on Twitter. Very disappointing as this feels like a feature that would perhaps take a week for a good dev to add in as there are already code libraries that do this that would just need integrating in. As with anything I think the more people that ask for it the more likely it will be to happen. May I suggest that anyone who would like this keeps adding comments here and from time to time keep asking politely on Twitter for an updated ETA.
  13. Just adding my support for this. Given the plethora of free SVG to DXF converters available online it feels like this should be a very simple thing to add to the list of file types that can be imported and exported. I frequently use Affinity in my CAD and CNC workflows and the extra round trip to online converters a real pain.
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