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  1. Version 1.10 I was hoping that rulers would be introduced. Maybe I cannot find them? Has anyone found the rulers? when I need rulers I work in Trace but it’s a real drag to have to work in 2 different apps.
  2. Version 1.9.1 fixed the problem. My old files can save again :-). Many thanks to the Affinity Team.
  3. Hi Jon, Sent you a copy of the crash log. Any thoughts as to what the problem could be? Thanks
  4. Not sure the first copy got copied properly? Will try again. Affinity Publisher_2021-02-11-062436_Liaisons-MacBook-Pro.crash
  5. Hi Jon, I have attached the crash log. Many thanks for taking a look at it. Affinity Publisher_2021-02-11-062436_Liaisons-MacBook-Pro.crash
  6. Thanks Loukash, this solved the problem. Back to the old speed of Affinity :-).
  7. Opening existing work created on earlier versions of Publisher, now crashing when I Save or Save As in 1.9.0 Help!!!! I can no longer work on earlier files!!!!! 1) Open old file 2) Make a new page 3) Save 4) Send Crash report to Apple OR 1) Open old file 2) Save As (give new name. 3) Send Crash Report to Apple
  8. Not sure what happened with this version update 1.9.0. It now takes a long time for Publisher, photo and designer to open up. They tend to bounce around the dock for around 37 seconds before the apps actually open. Previous versions would be a snap. Any advice to maybe clean out some cache files or something? Running on MBPro 16 inch, 2019 with 2.4 GHz 8 Core Intel i9
  9. Downloaded the assets from my account this morning and then went into the updated version of AP and tried to import Assets into AP. I cannot find the assets that were downloaded anywhere on my Mac? Technically they should have gone to the download folder. But they are hiding somewhere just have no idea where they would be placed. Working on Catalina with latest security update.
  10. Thanks Haako, you have made my day :-). My next wish would be for Live Paint :-).
  11. If Serif would add some basic features to Affinity Designer they could raise the bar for this product. Currently it has at its core very powerful capabilities. But when you get into creating images with thousands of object, Affinity Designer is no match for Adobe Illustrator. And it really hurts me to make this statement. One of the powerful feature the Adobe Illustrator has is the ability to select objects based on the objects meta data. For example you can select objects by their color or Stroke. Just adding this feature would make working with AD a lot more professional/
  12. Not sure if anyone is still at the office or if you have all gone home for the holidays? I was hoping that we may have found a solution to this problem under the Christmas tree but it appears we need to wait for the next update :-(. Big picture, Affinity is still a wonderful suite of apps that are incredibly well priced and powerful.Hats off to everyone who made them possible! Wishing you all a wonderful holiday and wishing you all the best for 2020.
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