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  1. Wow I'm glad you found the trigger! I will try doing the rectangles this way. Thank you!
  2. Thanks for the answer, I have just uploaded the file. Please let me know if you need any more information.
  3. Dear Affinity Staff, I need to create page-type hyperlinks on the master page. Once I create them, I can see the hyperlinks on the "hyperlinks studio" but once I export to PDF (yes with the hyperlinks option checked), the links do not work correctly. Some work and some don't. Even more frustrating, the ones that work or not work, keep changing on every export. I've had this problem for months, on multiple files and on all Publisher versions I've tested. It is the only reason I still pay for InDesign! Please provide me with a link so that I can share the editable file with you. My process to create the hyperlinks is: I make a shape with Rectangle tool, then: Text > Interactive > Insert Hyperlink > Select the page number I'm attaching the exported PDF, I use a red tint to make the rectangles visible. In this example, I made 8 rectangles/hyperlinks and on this particular PDF, 3 work and 5 don't. I am on Mac 10.14.5 and currently on Affinity 1.7.1 Thanks! HoboCousin-MidYear-19-20-Monday.pdf
  4. False alarm, it is not fixed. How do I get Affinity staff to comment on this? They might need me to send them my editing file but none of them has commented here... Do I need to tag them? Thanks
  5. Thanks for putting time into this. The sections on the far left are actually a different part of the book, they are not part of the months, so it is much easier than you were saying, sorry about the confusion. I already have this planner and many others working in the right way, but I have been having to add the hyperlinks on InDesign until Publisher stops having bugs with the hyperlinks. I checked your example and it seems to works fine, it seems to export correctly all the links you created. However, in my case, when I add the hyperlinks, 90% of them will not work once I export the PDF, unless I re-apply the master, then they will work. In my BEFORE example, if you try to click on JAN, MARCH, APRIL or MAY, there is no link there when it should be. Those hyperlinks were created on the same master page as the hyperlinks of the red squares, and red squares' links do work. Without doing anything else, if I re-apply the master, then export, now those JAN, MARCH, APRIL or MAY links start working... Meaning there is a bug in the way changes on master pages are applied to the document, I should not have to re-apply the master to "force" those changes. Now, as I am writing this, I am trying again using the new new version ( and they might have fix it!!! Since it was a weird bug, I am not 100% sure yet. If I can replicate the bug again, I will be back here begging Affinity to fix this.
  6. Yes the sections on the far left are just for a different section of the book. The red squares are not part of the planner, I just add them to test the creation of objects and then applying links to those objects on a master page. The visual properties of the objects update normally across the document when I add them on the master page, but the hyperlink property does not work most of the times. Unless I reapply the master.
  7. Yeah I tried yours and it works. Sometimes it works for me, let's say if I add 10 hyperlinks, once exported 2 will work and 8 will not. Unless I re-apply the master, then 9 of them will work. But then I have the master applied twice in all pages. Maybe it starts having trouble once you have more masters, cause I use 10 masters (only adding links to one though). Check out these 2 PDF, one is before I re-apply the master. The second one is after I re-apply it. Before: The red squares work, "BUSINESS I" and "BUSINESS II" work, but none of the links in the months work. After: Now JAN, MARCH, APRIL and MAY work (colourful tabs). I have been trying this for 3 months, and I still cannot pinpoint exactly when or why sometimes they don't work... It just seems random to me. Before.pdf After.pdf
  8. I shouldn't put hyperlinks on a master page? So to have 100 pages with the same button and the same link what should I do?
  9. I got the same issue when the document has a table which was converted into curves. Once I delete the table it saves correctly.
  10. When I add a hyperlink (go to page type) on a master page, none of the pages using this master gets updated unless I re-apply the master. Once I re-apply the master, the links start working on all pages but it creates a Hyperlink for each page so I end up with hundreds of hyperlinks in the studio panel.
  11. Hyperlinks still not working when created on master pages (I reported this bug already) Maybe on the next update
  12. Hi, @Jon P I have the same problem. Affinity crashes every time I open a file that used to work fine in other versions. I already tried on 2 computers. Can you give me a link to upload such file? Thanks