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  1. Hello, has anything been done to address the Decimal Point Accuracy issue mentioned by johhnyfred? He pointed out the issue almost two years ago, and it is a glaring problem with people who use inches rather than centimeters.
  2. Hello, I purchased Affinity Designer for two specific purposes: one, to work with DXF files produced in ANSYS SpaceClaim, which can then be sent to all manner of cutters (laser, waterjet, CNC routers); and two, to repair DXF files needed for copyright and patent applications. My old version of illustrator did this, though poorly, which is why I do not wish to use it any longer. Unfortunately, Designer doesn't do this at all. I am posting here just to reinforce others' requests that DXF support be added to Affinity Designer.
  3. When I open more than one document in Affinity Designer 1.3.2: And when WINDOW --> SEPARATED MODE is unchecked, only the current document is available. The other open documents do not appear in the WINDOW pull-down menu. But when SEPARATED MODE is checked, the other open documents do show up properly in the list. Image 1 shows SEPARATED MODE unchecked, and the one document in the list. Image 2 shows SEPARATED MODE checked, and tow documents in the list. Thanks.
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