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20 hours ago, αℓƒяє∂ said:

Welcome to the Serif Affinity Forums, Barry. :)

If you purchased the Windows version from the Affinity Store, you can request a refund and then repurchase. Refunds from the Microsoft Store and the Mac App Store are not guaranteed.

You sir are a lifesaver. Did exactly what you suggested and have now repurchased.

Also 2 other friends have also purchased the product due to my recommendations so in the end everyone wins :)

Many thanks

Oldgoat Marketing - For all your internet marketing needs

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Me... Jools.

User of AI (and CDR) before most of you were born!!!

(Yes I remember DOS and that very first horrible version of Windows).

And I did it with paper and paints before - when 'digital' was something you did with your fingers.

'High end' graphic designer (never used hack clip art in my life!)

Fluent with AI, PSD, INDD. My initial playing with AFF Des gives me plenty of hope for an escape from Adobe's fascist rental greed!

There will be a learning curve of course.




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I am nothingismagick - France-based systems architect, developer & designer. I actually used Photoshop 1.0 in the 90's, Gimp / Inkscape in the 00's and moved to the command-line in the 10's to make generative designs.

I am a core team member of the Quasar Framework, and am currently looking into ways to create two-way bindings between design software (like Affinity Designer) and auto-generating code blocks using a single-source of truth. For an idea about a project that comes close to what I mean (albeit using SKETCH), check this out:


Any tips or guidance on API interfacing with Designer, pushing commits to a GIT repository and autogeneration of Assets from HTML would be really great.

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High my name is Norman, I for a very long time have been repairing and colouring photographs for people on various Facebook pages.

I use quite a few programs to allow me to do the best I can for every photograph I repair or colour.

I decided to buy Affinity Photo with a view to using the program as a program that can enable me even more.

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I came across Affinity Photo software accidentally two days ago while browsing the net for something related to photography. In fact I have always wondered why no software similar to PS is available at an affordable price. When I saw AP in the net , I immediately read some quick reviews and browsed through the Affinity website. Then I downloaded the trial and within 10 minutes of trial, I ordered and purchased through the net at 30% discount (discount will expire in 5 or six days). For the price, there is no need to think a lot, it can be bought straight away. I have been using for six years, Photivo, Rawtherapee, Darktable, GIMP etc. Affinity Photo is a boon to enthusiasts and hobbyists like me who does not make money from photography but want to use professional quality processing software. I immediately called another friend of mine to order AP before the discount expires. I greatly appreciate the enormous work done from scratch by Serif company to bring this software in a short time of 4 or 5 years at such an attractive price. I also wish the team great success in ongoing and future work.

By profession, I am an electronics engineer with 34 years of experience in various areas of design and manufacturing, presently working in the field of SMD manufacturing process development and quality in aerospace and defence products used in water, land, air and space. My hobbies include general photography, macro photography with microscope objectives, astronomy, ham radio, playing musical instruments and flute making for personal use.

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I'm Kevin, a hobbyist, scattered artist, and recent retiree, who recently canceled his Photoshop subscription and bought Affinity Photo (Windows) as a replacement.  A day or two later, I also bought Affinity Designer for desktop, even though previously I hadn't much interest in vector-art apps.  I suppose the promo vids for the iPad version showed me how cool such apps could be.  I'll see how finances look when the iPad Pro 3 comes out and might get one primarily to run Affinity apps.  Suddenly I'm more excited about making digital art than I have been in years, and have actually been sitting still to watch tutorials, as well as looking around for good source sites for fonts and brushes, etc.

The promos for Designer for iPad lit me up so much that I shared those on my Facebook page, even though I myself don't own an iPad (yet).  I would gladly wear the Affinity logo if/when they start selling branded apparel.

Anyway, seems like a nice community.  Happy to be here!

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Hi. everyone, I am Le Minh Thanh, from Ho Chi MInh city, Viet Nam. I would like to use iPad as a computer to create artworks in painting, design and motion graphic. 

I love Affinity applications because they are growing and outstanding applications with a serious project. Thanks Serif team

Le MInh Thanh



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Hi Everyone

My name is Ruth,  I’m a keen amateur photographer.  I use an iPad for editing my photos prior to uploading to the stock site Alamy. I’ve been using various programs and apps for several years, mainly Photoshop Express and Pixelmator. Today I decided to purchase Affinity and I’m now finding my way around the UI and watching the tutorials. I’m amazed that I’m going to be able to achieve results I never thought possible on an iPad before - thanks.

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MariSol (pronounced: Ma-Dee-Soul) New to the forum purchased the program a year ago, I am a bit of a procrastinator so I am now learning it however I can not even find the first tutorial.  I am finding myself a little confused, or it could be the oil,..LOL HELP LOL looking for assistance ;^)


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Hi, Det_Michy,

Moderator MEB has this list of resources at his site. Look those up, its good stuff.

iMac 27" Retina, c. 2015: OS X 10.11.5: 3.3 GHz I c-5: 32 Gb,  AMD Radeon R9 M290 2048 Mb

iPad 12.9" Retina, iOS 10, 512 Gb, Apple pencil

Huion WH1409 tablet

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  • Staff

Hi tkarl__nn,
Welcome to Affinity Forums :)
The Help file covers all features/functionality of the program. The Official Affinity Photo (Desktop) Video Tutorials complements the Help file and explains quite a few processes/workflows for common tasks. There's also an Official project based book available: the Affinity Photo Workbook. There's no printed manual if that's you are looking for.

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Hey I'm Ken, from France, nice to meet you all !

I'm usinng affinity photo !

I started photography one year ago, and started using affinity directly, I had a look on google, I didn't wanted to use adobe, too expensive, didn't wanted to learn with adobe neither because once you get accostumed to it you don't want to change.. And by the day I earn some money with photography, well too bad because I would need to pay adobe every single month.. Anyway, that's whay I cohoose Affinity, and I'm really loving it since then ! :) 


Well, I'm on my way to become more and more pro and affinity seems to be a really great tool even for professionals, so great ! I still wander why all the pro today are using adobe and why so few real good photographers are using affinity but hey, i hope it's just a matter of time, affinity deserve more recognition and I'll work toward that too becaus I really love it ^^ 


A couple of pics that I took and edited recently ;) 




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Hi my name is Bob McKenzie - been in the print trade for 30 years as a lithographer, platemaker, layout and design and finisher for a not for profit campaign organisation in London, U.K. - started page layout with an IBM Selectric compositor.  Have used Quark Express, Pagestream, Pagemaker and Pageplus in the past - currently using Indesign CS6 and Photoshop CS6.   Been a user of all the Serif programs for nearly a decade now.

Bought Photo and Designer 2 weeks ago because of their layout and unique style of approach - really impressed with how fast they both are.  Just looking forward to Publisher for the total intergration of the 3 packages.

For my hobby I manage a game server and a teamspeak server for a small community of 40 gamers.  I used to enjoy doing forum signatures.

I look forward to a long and fruitful interaction with this forum.

Regards to all

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Hello, I am Thomas from Germany and have been using Photo and Designer for over a year now.

I'm happy to have found at Affinity a good alternative to the Adobe products. With Photoshop I've worked since version 2.5. By profession (advertising agency) I still use Adobe products, but privately I have been looking a long time for a serious alternative, which I found with the Affintiy product range.

Finally, it was the license model from Adobe, which drove me to the step. Although it was a bit of learning, I do not regret the move.

And now I cannot wait until the beta of Publisher appears. Then I can also design sophisticated documents at home and do not need to stay longer at work to do some private stuff.

When Publisher is as good as Photo and Designer are, then I am more than satisfied.

Keep on the good work!


For Software/Hardware Configuration which may be important for Bug-Reporting issues please have a look to the "About me"-Section of my Profile.

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Hi, Derek from Sussex, UK here.

I've been a longtime user of Serif products and mourn the loss of WebPlus. I've reverted to the other WP for both websites I run.

I'm a writer, mainly SEO and articles, but also produce books in .pdf and sell around 30 or so a month, so JK Rowling had better watch out. I used PagePlus to produce the books so Affinity Publisher is of great interest. I'm running the beta and find the learning curve's a bit steeper than I thought it would be. I'm impressed though and it isn't so much an improvement on PagePlus as a major leap forward. There's another book coming out in early November so I would assume it will be the first under Designer. I've had Affinity Photo, from beta as well, and use it for images in my books. It has displaced my older version of Photoshop. I still occasionally drop back to PhotoPlus, which was better than Photoshop for my then level of messing with images. For a simple tweak it is quicker. It's an excellent bit of software when price was taken into account.

I've produce the odd flyer-type of publication for a club I belong to. 

I make videos to bring visitors to my website. I don't suppose there's any chance of Affinity bringing out a prosumer video editing suite? I've got MoviePlus 6 but I can't remember the last time I used it, preferring  Power Director. 

Publisher has been delightfully bug free for me so far, so I'm afraid I'm no help to the developers.

Well done with the quality of software you produce.

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2 hours ago, jamesmarkjackson1979 said:

Hi I'm Mark. I'm an Artworker and long time Adobe Creative Cloud user especially Indesign. I've heard good things about Affinity products so I've just downloaded the Publisher Beta to try it out. Which part of the forum is best for discussing Publisher?

Hii, Mark.

Here is where you will find the discussions about the Beta of Publisher.

Best regards!

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Hi! My name is Beth Wagner and I am the perfect beta tester. Why? Because if someone can find some weird bug with a program, it'll be me. It's like they are drawn to my awesome power or something. I have been waiting for an alternative to that other company and I am very excited to try out the beta of Affinity Designer!

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Good Morning

New, now official member of the affinity community. ENT-surgeon, Filmmaker & Publisher in medical higher education.
Excited about AP Beta, hope there will be interactivity features for digital publishing as well ... Will the RD dept. push the necessary development of epub? We, MLX, love iBooks Author, but have our doubts if Apple still loves it. 

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My name is John and I am an alcoholic!!

Ooops wrong forum  :)

I have just discovered your software and it looks like just what I want, although I am of a mature age and not the brightest spark that still breaths.

I have a Nikon D800 camera and my version of Adobe Photoshop will not open the NEF files and much to my surprise, Affinity does, so it looks like this is the software for me.

Is this the place to ask a few questions please?

Firstly, when Nikon fetch out a new DSLR will the NEF files be recognised by Affinity?

2.  When I purchase your software (I have just downloaded the trial version) will I get any type of DVD that contains your very nice tutorials?

Apologies if I should not have asked these questions   


Oh and I am from sunny Torquay, England

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