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On 02/01/2018 at 5:20 PM, Bri-Toon said:


Welcome to the Affinity forum, Suzi-K.


What thread did you post your comment on? Normally, posts on this forum don't need to be approved.

Thanks, it was my first post as a new member... it was on the thread :

But maybe I did something stupid, as I see no pending posts now? Will try again, thanks.

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On 02/01/2018 at 5:29 PM, MEB said:

Hi Suzi-K,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

I've checked and couldn't find any other post from you on the Forum. Are you sure you have submitted it after writing it clicking the Submit Reply button?

Only the first post needs approval (which we already have done for you) so you don't have to wait from now on.


Thanks, I think I must have done something silly, because I also couldn't find it when I went back a few days later.... no problem, will try again!

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On 4/1/2018 at 2:00 PM, iMatt said:

Newsmaster DTP, Express Publisher and Arts & Letters (anyone remember any of these?)


Nope, but also, I've never been too much into publishing (handled more Page Maker and Quark, tho), but about the others you mention, mostly all. (Edit: I removed the following paragraph to these lines : I noticed I had gone quite off topic...)

AD, AP and APub. V1.10.6 and V2.0.3 Windows 10 and Windows 11.  Both are regular Windows,  I'm not in the Windows Insider program.
Ryzen 9 3900X, 32 GB RAM,  RTX 3060 12GB, Wacom Intuos XL, Wacom L. Eizo ColorEdge CS 2420 monitor. Windows 10 Pro.
HP Omen 16-b1010ns 12700H, 32GB DDR5 (corsair), nVidia RTX 3060 6GB + Huion Kamvas 22 drawing screen, Windows 11 Pro.



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Hi all


I am a small Website builder, photographer and writer from New Zealand. I have only just come into the fold. So impressed. I have the Photo and Designer products for both my Mac and Windows laptop and Photo for my iPad. Ordered both books and so far the Photo Workbook has arrived. am eagerly awaiting the Designer workbook. Love the book so far and am doing the exercises as I still have deeply ingrained Adobe workflow habits. But rapidly getting up to speed. Funny story, I ditched Adobe expunging it from my hardwares...this was a couple of weeks ago...then remembered I was half way through a CD cover in IdDesign. Oops. HOWEVER - I did the job in Designer and the printer had no nitpicks with me so that was a win, even though I started from scratch again. Just wanted to say a big thank you, an enormous thank you..you know what you've done! 

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Hi everyone
I'am Nikolai Ylirotu, 49 years old graphic designer and UIX designer from Finland. I have used PS and other Adobe products since 1991. So, I have new and interesting new path with Affinity products waiting. 

Other areas of interest are heraldry, logos and trademarks. I used to use Freehand for design but Affinity Designer, by trial, seems to be next program to use.  

What I want. Usability, it is number one. I have now used trial versions and now having Affinity Photo for productions. Few things Id like to get to AP. One is presized or preratioed selections. I create website mockups and I have to create standard size elements, like images and buttons. Second is upgrade for info box. If I have an area selected, it would be good to see the size of area. Now these figures goes "blank".


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Hi all


I am from France and CG addict since 15 year. Modeling ( 3DSMax, Blender) and 2D (Painter from Corel and Adobe products.I find Affinity products while I was looking for a alternative for Adobe. 

Looks pretty impressive so far what I could see. 

Looking forward to learn more about Affinty and hope for more product lines :)


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Hi folks, preferred name is Echoa (said like "Echo")


Im more of a hobbyist when it come to digital art, more recently with a heavier focus on photography with my main passion being tech/computers (hardware and software but more so hardware). I was using Adobe CC for about 5yrs now but got tired of a subscription and the extra in it that i never used but was paying for with what appeared to be little other option. Stumbled upon Affinity Photo and gave the trial a go, needless to say i fell for it immediately its a fantastic bit of software. I have already canceled my CC sub and moved to a combo of Affinity Photo + Aftershot Pro with Krita being my drawing application now that Autodesk moved Sketchbook Pro ot a sub model also (really unfortunate).


Glad to a see a healthy forum for AP, look forward to not knowing how to do something and getting some help lol and maybe in the future if affinity makes something more like lightroom/aftershot pro ill get that too. Keep up the good work guys

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Hello form the UK.
I am an Adobe Cloud user and find myself using 3D and Video in Photoshop CC less these days. So I decided to try the Trial version of Affinity Photo.
To my delight, Affinity Photo does nearly all I need from Photoshop and it is looking more and more likely I'll be ending my Adobe Cloud Subscription and buying Affinity Photo.

Now that raises a question, and I guess I should post that in the questions section of the forum, so for now I'll continue my personal introduction...

I am retired and enjoy happy-snapping photography and editing to pass some time. I also create graphics for a couple of clubs and local charities.
Far from being an expert, I would class myself as an intermediate (willing to learn) amateur.

I'm looking forward to becoming an active member of this forum where I hope to learn much and (occasionally) maybe even help other members.


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I am a Serif-user for a very long time now (20 years, i think "Print & Publish" was the first app, that was related somehow to serif).
I love this software, best usage und allways easy to learn, stable and -last not least- really cheap!
Every peace of software of you is more than several times worth the price!
Thank you...

Peer Gehrmann

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Hi everyone,

My name is Aaron, I'm from Cleveland, the young age of 35. I run an Online TV/WebSeries Network. So I do alot of photo & video editing. I found Affinity to replace Photoshop. It was a learning curve at first but now it's a walk in the park. Sometimes I still have to use Photoshop because of PSD files & layers but Affinity is my go-to for everything now except the files that won't work with it.  I'm not a fan of subscription based model so that's another thumbs up for Affinity.

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Hello everyone!!

Greetings of the day :)

At first, I would like to say thanks to Affinity , Thanks for providing us a great platform to share knowledge, Information & all talk about latest trends on design and development.

Love to share information about technology as well as gathering knowledge from this forum.

Looking forward to get connect with you all respected members.




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Hi - I'm Jen from Jenco Designs.  I've been a member for awhile, just wanted to re-introduce myself. I've started creating video tutorial for Affinity Designer.  

I'm having a blast discovering the ins-and-outs of Affinity Designer and Photo. I'll be making lots of tutorials to share what I've learned.

For me it's all about learning, sharing, growing, and havin' fun!  Jen :-)

Check out my Youtube tutorials and my Skillshare course on Affinity Designer:
This link allows you to watch the course for free: https://skl.sh/32qtnRt
YouTube tutorials for Affinity Designer: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCU_Y96iOVu_M-f1xWDEN2TA


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Hello Everyone

Well I made the jump into Affinity. Still have a CS5 copy of PhotoShop on the mac. BUT it's acting up lately, crashing etc. I did not want to get/rent the CC version and my Mac is 7 years old. Still works fine and even better with the 1.66 Affinity. Worked with it for a week and I can see some fun times ahead. Thanks for all the info on this site. Hopefully I can contribute some to the content a bit later.

See you later

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My name is Grzegorz (Greg) and I'm new user of Affinity Photo Studio for Windows. My lovely world's passions are composing a music, reading books and create photo with great support by Affinity :) Before discovered Affinity, I used Photoshop Elements by few years. It seems that Adobe was defeated by amazing product from Serif, which has very low price and great possibilities. Very important point (in my opinion) it's a similar to Photoshop menu and shortcuts. Walk from Adobe to Serif competitive product is easy as is possible.

Greetings for all

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Hello. Ken Bird here. I'm Shropshire UK based, about half way up the Welsh / English border. At the moment I use DxO PhotoLab and Lightroom with the odd bit of Photoshop for non-standard editing. Not willing to go down the subscription route I'm looking to replace Photoshop with Affinity Photo. Hopefully a cataloguing alternative to Lightroom will become available in the not too distant future that will enable me to go Adobe subscription free.


With Affinity Photo I did things a bit upside down by looking at the support first i.e the forum, some videos and buying the Workbook for Affinity Photo. Then I downloaded the 10 day trial and have now bought the app. So far really impressed. I'm surprised at how intuitive some parts of the software are. For other areas the Workbook is helping a great deal and the videos are useful.


Looking forward to using and contributing to the forum in the coming months.



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