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    Hello folks - I'm Dougal. I know nothing of Serif Affinity other than a positive mention recently in Amateur Photographer magazine. I'm a working professional photographer in the culture sector (London/ UK). I've been in this job since the mid-Eighties and we currently use Nikon, Hasselblad or 5x4 Sinar with PhaseOne backs. I process images using Capture One and then into Photoshop for a final tweak if necessary. My interest in Affinity at this point is for home use where I'm currently using a Nikon D300 and Panasonic LX3 cameras on an older Mini Mac. I'm processing with Photoshop Elements 8. Just wondering about the possibility of getting a new camera (D500?) and interested to know what cameras Affinity supports? Does it also do Fuji for example? Best wishes