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  1. jamesmarkjackson1979

    First impressions

    I agree. Only had a quick play but so far so good. The way the layers work is a little bit odd. Every new object gets a new layer unless you manually put them in a layer. Would be better if it put everything into Layer 1 as a default. Even after I put everything into a layer and drew a new object it then created another new layer. Also lock and unlocking layers would be better if each layer had its own padlock rather having to click on the layer and then go up to the top to unlock it.
  2. jamesmarkjackson1979

    Stoke Width Control

    Can I suggest some up and down arrows to alter the stroke width. What would be even better would be a fine tune option by holding down a key like "SHIFT" perhaps (?) that would give you 0.1pt increments. I use Cinema 4D and it uses a similar system for increasing and decreasing values
  3. jamesmarkjackson1979

    Introduce Yourself

    Hi I'm Mark. I'm an Artworker and long time Adobe Creative Cloud user especially Indesign. I've heard good things about Affinity products so I've just downloaded the Publisher Beta to try it out. Which part of the forum is best for discussing Publisher?