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  1. Hello everybody, My question is really simple, Is any of you editing on affinity photo with 2 screens (two monitors) ? And if yes, What to you put on the first screen, what do you put on the second ? Is there a way to have several ajustements open at the same Time on one screen, and just the picture shown ok the second ? Thanks a lot, Regards, Ken.
  2. Thanks a lot @GabrielM Well, I Guess I'll stay with SRGB or Adobe RGB as the gammut is wider ! I kind of found a good way to tweak cyan yellow and magenta staying un SRGB, using Hue ajustement, I can tweak yellow, cyan, magenta, tes, green and blue individually, changing thé saturation and the luminance of each colors, and it's staying in SRGB because even tweaking CMYK this way, I don't have thé bad artifacts ! Ken.
  3. UP ! I edited the topic so it was easier to understand, and clear pic examples, the CMYK edit looks awful compared to the RGB edit...
  4. Hey everybody ! I had a question about color editing on Affinity photo. I love editing colors; I wanted to re-create the stylish warm / brown tones that you can create on a picture tweaking the colors, but I somehow don't really manage to do it. I really love this kind of tones (example with the picture, just a pic I found on google, to show you the example), but how ? What would be the best to tweak the colors in order to have those warm / brown tones, without quality damage ? Thanks a lot everybody, Regards, Ken.
  5. Hey I'm Ken, from France, nice to meet you all ! I'm usinng affinity photo ! I started photography one year ago, and started using affinity directly, I had a look on google, I didn't wanted to use adobe, too expensive, didn't wanted to learn with adobe neither because once you get accostumed to it you don't want to change.. And by the day I earn some money with photography, well too bad because I would need to pay adobe every single month.. Anyway, that's whay I cohoose Affinity, and I'm really loving it since then ! Well, I'm on my way to become more and more pro and a
  6. Hello everybody ! First, LOVE to the Affinity team and the software because it's great ! The question that I have is about color editing in affinity photo "photo persona". I'm working a lot on color tweaking now to get some great emotional and powerfull results ! I really love using the channel mixer adjustment to change colors, and mostly toutching the CMYK, because you can change the colors on the picture kind of individually. On the other side, when you are tweaking colors using the mixer adjustment layer with RVB, all the colors of the picture are moving when you toutc
  7. Thanks, You need to have an external 1T memory working with pictures like that anyway ^^ Thanks à lot
  8. Hey everybody ! I'm thinkinbg about buying an ipad for picture editing with affinity ! Because of the tactile screen, brushes and stuff seems so easier with a tactile screen ! Question : As I have a Sony A7rII, I'm wandering : Will the Ipad (last Ipad pro) be able to open and edit the 42mp raw pictures ? Won't it be too slow ? Or should I stay with my computrer for editing those high resolution pictures ? Thanks a lot !! Ken !
  9. Thanks à lot ! If I put the camera on a tripode, and shoot 4 of the same picture in rafale, could I mouve them via affinity photo, one pixel only, and put them togeather to have those sharp details ? Could ne sont cool to have a easy way to do it.. Like a macro, Could you explain just a bit better how you would put them togeather ? I'll try with m'y Olympus. (I just don't see clearly how to do it ^^') You're right, 42mp is crazy, 24 is way better, I'll bé buying thé A7iii too instead ! I was thinking about still pictures if course, li
  10. Hey everybody, I'm using Affinity for more than 6 months now, and loving or do much thanks you ! I'm now thinking about buying a full frame camera! Sony seems to be a interesting choice now! I'm seeing that Sony have two really similar cameras : A7RII and A7RIII ! The difference ? Mainly one, the new "pixel shift mode" on the A7RIII, which is quite impressive, but I'm not sure it's justificating the 1000 $ difference. What's pixel shift ? Well, as I understood, it's a mode alowing you taking 4 pictures (same pics, with tripode), and combining them in
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