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Hello everybody,

My question is really simple,

Is any of you editing on affinity photo with 2 screens (two monitors) ? And if yes, What to you put on the first screen, what do you put on the second ?

Is there a way to have several ajustements open at the same Time on one screen, and just the picture shown ok the second ?


Thanks a lot,




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You can use the Window > Float command to detach your image from it's docked position.  Then use the top right (middle) maximize icon on the detached image to maximise it

This maximised image window can be moved to another screen, leaving your main screen with just the Affinity program on it, where you can make all your adjustments but I do not believe that you can have more than one adjustment layer active (i.e. the sliders visible) at the same time but this also applies when just using one screen.

Note: If your windows Task Bar is still showing at the bottom of the screen you can right click on it and change it's properties to "Auto-Hide the taskbar" it you want as clean a second screen as possible


Due to the ongoing Brexit negotiations, punctuation, spelling and grammar will be used sparingly until further notice.

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