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    Job: I write SEO copy. I produce videos. I write books. I edit an online magazine. I write articles for it.
    Playtime: watching motor racing, especially historics. I also watch rugby - my youngest played for college, club, county and country.
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  1. Cracked it. It needed Artistic Text, and not Frame Text as shown in the Tutorial video. To Affinity, the training video is a bit dataed now. Derek
  2. I should have said that I'm using beta in Windows.
  3. I've been following the beta for some months. This is the first problem I've had that I can't find on search. I have a book with 300+ pages. I tried to insert page numbers but experienced problems. The page numbers go from 4 to 9 (different master for 1-3) without problems, although th size needs to be modified. For 10 I get a full-sized 1 on the left and a much smaller zero on the right. It almost looks like a superior power. This goes for 20, 30 and 40. I've gone no further. Any ideas as to what I'm doing wrong? Derek I've created a little unlisted video on YouTube here:
  4. Thanks for the welcome, Alfred. I've been lurking for 6 months or so, seeing what people say about Publisher, and used to go on the previous forums. There's no doubt I'll buy it. As I say, I'm a long-term customer of Serif, scarily long actually, and I like the business model. I'm still learning Photo, there's so much too it. I've got little use for Designer, but I'm tempted. Derek
  5. A long-time user of Serif products here. I'm a bit biased as I've always loved their software. I've had Web/Page/Photo/Movie/Draw Plus. I still have them, apart from WebPlus (now Wordpress), on my Windows desktop despite buying Affinity Photo. I use the excellent PhotoPlus for quick fiddles with images and it is my default programme, but use Affinity Photo a great deal. I've got Publisher and have played with it a great deal. I'm sorry that PP files are not compatible, but then I do not often have to return to old jobs. If I were to ignore Publisher and move to another DTP programme, I first of all expect to get less for my money and, secondly, I expect to have exactly the same problems with the lack of compatibility. MoviePlus is rather old now. I've moved on to Power Director, but still use MP for a quickie. In other words, I don't see there's much of a problem. One irritation is that I'm a bit concerned that I won't be able to afford Publisher so I'm reluctant to commit to it at this time, but given Serif's historic pricing I probably will buy it. (I'll expect my loyalty to be taken into account when it goes live, maybe Serif?) If/when I do, I'll still keep PagePlus. I've used other products, even the pricey ones. I still prefer Serif. The market's changing all the time and Serif must go with it or else all their products will be legacy. I'm not a frequent poster on here, although an habitual user of Serif software. I think it is great that they are moving forward. Derek
  6. Writewheel

    Introduce Yourself

    Hi, Derek from Sussex, UK here. I've been a longtime user of Serif products and mourn the loss of WebPlus. I've reverted to the other WP for both websites I run. I'm a writer, mainly SEO and articles, but also produce books in .pdf and sell around 30 or so a month, so JK Rowling had better watch out. I used PagePlus to produce the books so Affinity Publisher is of great interest. I'm running the beta and find the learning curve's a bit steeper than I thought it would be. I'm impressed though and it isn't so much an improvement on PagePlus as a major leap forward. There's another book coming out in early November so I would assume it will be the first under Designer. I've had Affinity Photo, from beta as well, and use it for images in my books. It has displaced my older version of Photoshop. I still occasionally drop back to PhotoPlus, which was better than Photoshop for my then level of messing with images. For a simple tweak it is quicker. It's an excellent bit of software when price was taken into account. I've produce the odd flyer-type of publication for a club I belong to. I make videos to bring visitors to my website. I don't suppose there's any chance of Affinity bringing out a prosumer video editing suite? I've got MoviePlus 6 but I can't remember the last time I used it, preferring Power Director. Publisher has been delightfully bug free for me so far, so I'm afraid I'm no help to the developers. Well done with the quality of software you produce.