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  1. People that would upgrade, won't upgrade to a Serif publishing program which isn't compatible with an existing Serif publishing program. Why buy something if it's of no use to you? Loss of customer base.
  2. LOL!! Are you of the belief that Mac users are at least equal to the number of Windows users? Maybe it's a Serif/Affinty thing, but are you all daft or something? First we have a company which releases new software which isn't backwards compatible with users existing documents and expects everyone to make the transition and buy their new software and now we get someone who thinks that Mac user numbers are on a par with Windows users? LOL!! again. Totally whacky forum you have here!
  3. Mac is a niche market compared to Windows, no getting away from that. The figures prove that.
  4. I think you're wrong because (like me), they wont use or buy Affinity, they'll stop using PP eventually, having looked for another software by a company which actually has and established roadmap. I've already removed Affinity from my PC because it's no use to me. How many other PP users are going to be the same? The majority, I reckon.
  5. That just proves my point about a company shooting itself in the foot and losing its existing customer base. What's the ratio of Windows users to Mac users? So Serif in their wisdom, are losing the majority of their existing users and chasing after a niche market which is already populated with programs which from my understanding, are far superior to Serif products. I'm thinking things like Quark. the Adobe programs and so on. Firmly established Mac programs It makes absolutely no sense at all.
  6. Hi. Well your suggestion to 'Just use Page Plus when you want to work with PagePlus files' is nonsense and bad advice for two reasons; For one, it's a discontinued product and will eventually become obsolete thus rendering all these documents obsolete also and two, there's no reason for anybody to buy or upgrade to Affinity. I should really make try and make this go viral. I've never seen any company shoot itself in the foot and attempt to lose their customer base as blatantly as this. It's beyond my comprehension.
  7. Hi. As a long established user of Serif Pageplus, I discovered the free public beta of Affinity Publisher tonight. I downloaded and installed it, attempted to open a Pageplus document, only to be met with 'This file type is not supported'. That's going to be a bit of a problem because at the last count, I have 54 Pageplus documents which I need to access on a regular basis. So, are there any plans to allow Affinity to support these Pageplus files? As it stands a the moment, Affinity is of no use to me. Thanks.
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