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  1. When I tried to merge multiple rows - it only worked on the top line of the selected rows using RMB. When I used the main menu for the merge it worked as expected.
  2. I have just tried printing and changing short side flip to long side flip and even single page option. All the prints printed as long side flips. This seems strange - surely the print preferences are taken from the printer driver and I can alter the page print with other program with no issues.
  3. robertmckenzie

    Publisher > Ruler

    The ruler units is based on the document set page units. If you select mm it will be mm - if you select pt size it will be point size - if you select inches it will be inches. You can change the rule dimension by clicking on document setup button and change the unit.
  4. I have installed it on window 10 Pro laptop I7 6700HQ with 16Gb and GTX 970 - no problems whatsoever. First impressions is VERY NICE. I know it beta but it would have been nice to try the personas for designer and photo. Indesign pages also not implemented in beta.
  5. robertmckenzie

    Introduce Yourself

    Hi my name is Bob McKenzie - been in the print trade for 30 years as a lithographer, platemaker, layout and design and finisher for a not for profit campaign organisation in London, U.K. - started page layout with an IBM Selectric compositor. Have used Quark Express, Pagestream, Pagemaker and Pageplus in the past - currently using Indesign CS6 and Photoshop CS6. Been a user of all the Serif programs for nearly a decade now. Bought Photo and Designer 2 weeks ago because of their layout and unique style of approach - really impressed with how fast they both are. Just looking forward to Publisher for the total intergration of the 3 packages. For my hobby I manage a game server and a teamspeak server for a small community of 40 gamers. I used to enjoy doing forum signatures. I look forward to a long and fruitful interaction with this forum. Regards to all