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  1. Please, don't get me wrong, the beauty of Affinity is to put a professional and individual workflows into hands of content experts as we are, not only traditional graphic designers or publishers. Like iBooks Author does. I completely agree that Books are not dead (even keep "yet' for myself) and have their place, however, we have so much more now to share information, growing information, for complex learning and teaching processes. We need to involve new options and Affinity is maybe one of the little companies to make that possible. Have a look if you'd like to see what I'm talking about our Dutch iBooks Library of Medicine (108 iBooks, 10 clinical specialties, 1200+ medical conditions) https://vimeo.com/225697805 For download of iBooks - all are free http://mlx.amsterdam/library Last question to challenge you I don't use streetmaps anymore, do you?
  2. Nobody knows what will happen to iBooks Author in the (near) future and the export for macOS and iOS devices only makes it problematic for the client segment. I know, export to pdf is possible, but come on .... how sexy is pdf in terms of interactivity, which is important, not for readers, but for learners.
  3. Completly agree, Blair. Hope there will be something which allows you easily to create books, drag & drop images & video into it, build interactive items and integrate AR and animations - and exports to formats which unlock the real potential of mobile devices of the readers ... still waiting, with you.
  4. New to the community, love Publisher Beta. Curious if Publisher will support ePub export and - maybe - include iBooks features like widgets (text over popups etc?)
  5. Good Morning New, now official member of the affinity community. ENT-surgeon, Filmmaker & Publisher in medical higher education. Excited about AP Beta, hope there will be interactivity features for digital publishing as well ... Will the RD dept. push the necessary development of epub? We, MLX, love iBooks Author, but have our doubts if Apple still loves it.
  6. Congratulation with the Publisher beta. This is a real step forward for startups like ours, where the experts are the publishers themselves. 

    Med | Learn | eXperience - Digital Medical Publishing & Consultancy in Amsterdam

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