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Is it possible to package a project in Publisher?

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I would also like to chime in and say that packaging is an extremely important function.

At this stage, it's really the only thing holding me back. I really like all of the Affinity products, and considering the increasing price of Adobe's products, I REALLY want to switch. But, when working with deadlines, I just need things to work reliably, quickly and simply. I can't embed (way too large file size) and I can't be chasing after linked images, fonts and other resources.

Does Affinity Publisher have by any chance a public road map which can be viewed?

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On 7/8/2019 at 7:11 PM, idyguy said:

WOW! Here we are almost a year after this post and there is still no method for packaging a project. I simply cannot understand why this feature has not been implemented. 

You simple cannot understand software development. Publisher is still brand new! They cannot put in every feature every user "demands" in the first release. It's not like the first release of Pagemaker had every feature of the current InDesign version.

We all have different priorities, but there are way more features out there that are essential than this, for most users (I'd guess more people probably need IDML import first). Packaging is convenient and they are working on it for future releases. Until then the current version of Publisher is quite capable for creating content for many users and it's without doubt the best thing that has come to life for desktop publishing, for us who want an InDesign replacement.

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Even Indesign was not able to package files from the first release on. It took a while for a native option (packaging and / or preflight), in the meantime (back in good old days) I had to use Flightcheck Pro (Mac).

So give Serif the time they need.

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