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  1. I have all my images on various locations on a cloud space ( pcloud in this case) to be sure I have everything neatly in one folder, I would like to easily collect it from within AP. The trick I learned from the above posts is the following: embed all images if not allready so ( I have the settings so that they will be embedded as standard.) logout from cloud storage, (or simply disconnect internet ) in resource manager select all files that are embedded select make linked a popup will appear where you can choose a location ( it would be very convenient if this simple functionallity was available allways; not only when the original locations are unaccessible....) choose a folder to store the files, if needed, create a new folder, for instance on a removable drive usb stick or on your local drive. All files will be copied to this location. reconnect to cloud to embed more assets. A pity it is not possible for fonts.... I think that if Serif really wants to be any sort of competition for InDesign this functionallity is a Must! Otherwise the battle is lost even before it starts. ( Obviously this goes for ANY feature in InDesign...) If for instance I work on a project and want to give if to a collegue, It would be next to impossible if I do not want them to work on my computer. I should be able to hand them the complete package to work further on their own computer, without missing any asset at all.
  2. The point is: If you intend to bring out a software that SERIOUSLY competes with InDesign, it should do at least EVERYTHING InDesign does but BETTER. If Serif does not do that, they apparantly do not intend to (or at least try to ) beat Adobe seriously, and Serif will stay on the amateur market. This may sound harsh, but this is in fact the ONLY way to make any chance in breaking into the professional InDesign market. Anyone coming from InDesign should NEVER have the feeling that something is missing. So end of discussion: packaging is a MUST, as is everything else that InDesign does. So people at Serif: No delay, do it today! ( Bill Gates would just say: work harder!)
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