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  1. Our "Collect for Output" workflow. To send to printshop/collaborator in a different company/client etc... 1. Open original Publisher file and open Resources Manager at the bottom of the 'Document' Menu. 2. Select all . and click Embed. * Why the button might be greyed out when you select all:- - there is a linked item(s) that cannot be found in the items you selected. You will need to go find it.. - you have selected already embedded item(s) 3. Save As new file. We stick the word EMBEDDED on the end . This will give you a larger file. Send to the other Affinity Publisher User you want to share your doc with. Dropbox, YouSendit, Firefox google drive blah blah.... we see 100page magazines come in about 3-5Gb. 4. At the other end . open the file and open Resources Manager at the bottom of the 'Document' Menu. - Click 'Make Linked.' a box pops up to say where do you want to save all these links. 5. Save As new doc . Potentially without the word 'embedded' on the end. - some gotchas we have noticed. - There are some files that get embedded even if you have set them as linked. i.e placing a PSD, PDF, AI EPS, .afdesign all make the the file size of the original bigger. So using those formats to link will give you really big files but keep the link 'live'. So it the original afdesign file is updated your Publisher file knows and lets you know. - These particular (psd,ai, eps etc..) embedded files that say they are 'missing' can actually be saved out. but you need to edit them in place. And save them out as 'new' versions of themselves. Double clicking a .PSD file for instance will open a new tab with the embedded version of the file. You cannot 'save' it you need to EXPORT it.! then you get your file back. - This process doesnt include fonts. Use the 'font manager' to get yourself a list. This is also in the 'Document' Menu. Then collate them to give to your printshop. The same font, from different font foundries are different. Caslon used on one computer can be different to another Caslon on your Printers Prepress Department's computer. Hope this give some people some ideas. Great work Serif. Keep going... dont give up.
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