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  1. Well, those people can continue to pay the Adobe tax for now, then. Others, like me, are very happy to have the best alternative so far and for a very fair (non-subscription!) price at that. Yes, Affinitys products doesn't have decades of refining yet and there are even some basic things missing, among the thousands of basic features that already are implemented. Crying that the software "is that silly” just because this one feature is not as convenient as in Photoshop right now is sort of childish. And this whole ”failure to become the new number one”, who says Affinity has to be the number one? They can thrive just fine being an awesome alternative that keeps getting better and better. Not Affinity, nor any other graphic software company, will dethrone Adobe in the near future.
  2. FYI the 1.8 beta of Publisher has IDML import! It's a start:
  3. AdrianB

    Expand stroke still sucks

    @Oval Yes, it's quite reasonable that the period from first beta to the final coordinated release of 1.8 takes some time, weeks or months.
  4. AdrianB

    Expand stroke still sucks

    The answer is right here in the thread, just read above. ”We hope to have this fixed for v1.8.” And the beta of 1.8 will be out ”soon”.
  5. AdrianB

    Expand stroke still sucks

    Seems like 1.8 might be on to something, as haakoo posted above, just follow the link.
  6. They specifically said that INDD is not coming, only IDML. So until they say otherwise you shouldn't expect it at all. But as mentioned above, there are ways to prepare for that by converting to IDML using [batch] scripts.
  7. You make it sound like they promised a release a year ago, but the only thing they said is that they are working on IDML support but they can't give any timeline. Also they said it's not a trivial feature to implement. That's not how software development works. Unless you're almost finished you really don't know how long it will take to implement a complex feature, any "accurate information" would be guesstimates at best. And then there's the whole business part of it, Affinity have to decide what features and development to prioritize over others through a whole series of applications and platforms, depending on God knows how many variables. And things constantly change along the way. So they know better than to give ”accurate info” when there are uncertainties ahead.
  8. You simple cannot understand software development. Publisher is still brand new! They cannot put in every feature every user "demands" in the first release. It's not like the first release of Pagemaker had every feature of the current InDesign version. We all have different priorities, but there are way more features out there that are essential than this, for most users (I'd guess more people probably need IDML import first). Packaging is convenient and they are working on it for future releases. Until then the current version of Publisher is quite capable for creating content for many users and it's without doubt the best thing that has come to life for desktop publishing, for us who want an InDesign replacement.
  9. Exporting all your InDesign work as both IDML and PDF is probably the safest bet (maybe even creating InDesign packages). The script I've mentioned earlier helps with batch exporting.
  10. That's just BS. Those who need to open InDesign files are a large group, no doubt, but not the entire market. They do love to come here and demand support for InDesign files, for sure. With the low price of AP they reach segments that Adobe never did. I've been using InDesign since it was Aldus Pagemaker and going forward I'll be using Publisher (with great joy). My business is not big enough to justify the continuous payment of CC, even if I wanted to. But Publisher is a no-brainer.
  11. I assume we are talking about those still on old licences (CS5 and CS6) and do not want to, or cannot afford, to pay continuously for Creative Cloud just to be able to open old documents. I think CS6 and everything earlier is 32 bit.
  12. I'm saying support for importing IDML is coming in Affinity Publisher at some time, but not .indd files (see link).
  13. That's why you should convert your old InDesign documents (.indd) to IDML ahead of that, to make them as future proof as possible. I've written about a great script for that previously in this thread here and here (the script requires InDesign still being able to run).
  14. Yes Aperture is a photographer's tool, I totally agree. A tool that unfortunately is dying and Affinity is in a great position to take over, if they want and can spare the resources. So while a publisher's tool would be awesome I'd settle with an Aperture heir as the first step.
  15. I do not agree that that is the only truth. I'd say organizing large droves of photos and helping the photographer pick the best shot quickly and efficiently is equally or even more the purpose of Aperture. I'd go as far as saying that is why people still love Aperture and use it. Otherwise they would have left it long ago.
  16. This. Unless you buy a new Mac that requires the latest OS version you could easily hold on to Mojave for one more year. In fact, given the amount of bug fixes and increased stability with each minor upgrade it is usually always a good advice to take it slow with new major versions. The best versions is usually the ones late in the cycle anyway.
  17. It was not in the beta so of course it was not in the final version by som magic. Just because a thread has many pages doesn't mean features pop into existence from thin air. Affinity has stated, as mention multiple times here, that they are working on it but there is no timescale yet.
  18. Pre-order was a no-brainer! Thanks for great software with affordable prices.
  19. I did not know that, nice! Not only has he made an awesome script, he has maintained and improved it for 16 years, that is very impressive!
  20. Yes, it does need InDesign to run. The whole script is run from inside InDesign (this page shows how it works, but use the script from the more updated source). But it works well with old version of InDesign, thankfully. I have CS5 and I have no intention of upgrading to CC. But InDesign CS5 won't run forever as macOS evolves. That's why I've been looking for ways to convert my old .indd files to future-proof IDML that Publisher one day will be able to open. As a bonus, the script can also be uses just to batch convert my pre-CS5 .indd files to CS5 files if I wanted to. (Everytime InDesign CS5 opens an older .indd file it will convert it and [converted] added to the title, and you get a dialog about save when you close it.)
  21. Did you look at the page? You don't script anything, it's all in one dialog where you choose your settings. The only thing you need to do is add the script to the correct folder. This page has a very clear and helpful instruction of how you do that for a Mac user (but don't download the script from that page, it's a much older copy, take the script from the original source). You don't get a list of the files but it exports them in the same folder as the original, that's is what I was testing and it works. Make sure to check the "include subfolders" and leave the output empty. It's all very clearly described, again, just read the instructions (my emphasis) : Tick Include subfolders to process all subfolders of the selected folder. To keep the converted files in the same folder as the source files, leave the Output folder field empty. If you do specify an output folder and include subfolders, all files are placed together in that output folder. Really, it's an amazing script, just try it yourself on some test files first, until you get the results you want.
  22. Since support for IDML is coming, but not .indd, I looked into the possibility to export all my old .indd files to IDML. This is generally useful for future-proofing anyway, since I won't be able to run my old version of InDesign (CS5) forever. I'm happy to report that this script was really good, it did everything I was hoping for. There was some trial and error and some issues (I have to delete batch_convert.txt for every run) to get there but eventually I got it to search folders and subfolders for any .indd file and export it as IDML, and it worked.
  23. Yeah, these days it's Adobe that people are trying to get away from, and that should concern them. If people are actively trying to find alternatives and the only thing keeping the customers are lock-in and/or lack of alternatives, they're in a bad spot even if revenue still keep coming, for now. In fact, if I hade a dime for every time I see someone actively trying to get away from Adobe I would be… able to afford Creative Cloud!
  24. I have to say I absolutely love Affinity Publisher and I'm usually quite good at figuring out user interfaces but for this one I was completely baffled.

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