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  1. Oh, yes, you are right, I forgot about that. Before CS4 there was the INX format.
  2. This is the year 2020. No. But you if you can export it to IDML then you can open the IDML file in Publisher.
  3. Ah, yes, the white background, it makes sense that it was part of the problem, I actually forgot about it. Supersampling worked well for me this time and I'm happy with the end result of that. (Now that I think about: would it make sense to add a supersampling function to bitmap export? Like a checkbox "Supersample eight times before export" or something like that.) Anyway, thanks for the fast and detailed response!
  4. My workaround for now was to increase the document size massively, copy merged, new document from clipboard so I got a rendered version that looks better.
  5. I've done that now. Also included the PDF that I placed in Photo (probably not necessary, I assume Photo is embedding the file rather than linking it).
  6. Did you ever solve this? I'm having issues with rotated PDF in Photo with jagged edges that I would like to smooth. See screenshot.
  7. Thank you, I've seen some of these issues with incorrect scaling and had at least one hard crash, so I'll try this beta!
  8. Designer is quite nice – especially considering the low, non-subscription price – and for a lot of tasks it can replace Illustrator (or even surpass it; the unified file format with Photo and Publisher is awesome) but there are still missing features (like this one or perspective distort or, until 1.8, expanding strokes correctly) and if one of those features happen to be important for your needs then Designer might not (yet) be for you. Fortunately there is a free trial so you can check that your pet peeve feature works before buying.
  9. Oh, thank you, I didn't know about that command! Works fine for selected text with multiple text styles (but did not work for an entire selected text frame, but that is not a big issue).
  10. Yes! Exactly what I want too! Also: to be able to add more images to this permanent place panel and even drag and drop images from the page to the panel. That would enable a very effective workflow that's not possible today, if you have a lot of images and a lot of pages but you haven't decided which image goes to a certain page.
  11. I've ran into this as well. It would be super useful to be able to clear all formatting of all selected text no matter where the insert point is to begin with, or even all text when a text frame is selected.
  12. Why is it necessary to edit the master page picture frame in detached mode for pasting but not placing?
  13. If you still have access to InDesign you can open and export them to IDML. There's even scripts for batch converting, to find indd files and export them as IDML.There won't be any importer for indd files.
  14. The betas of Designer 1.8 has been public for quite some time and I haven't heard anything about this being fixed there, only the other major issue (expanding strokes), you can read detailed release notes here.
  15. Another +1 on what Ulysses said. Still clinging on to Aperture I would absolutely love to hear if Serif is making a DAM but it is definitely not unfair om them to not reveal their business agenda and pre-announce future products. If anything, I'd advice them not to (not that they need my advice), until they have something real to show. Pre-announcing software development projects early on is asking for trouble. If they take more time than planned (which software development almost always does), people will be disappointed. If business priorities changes along the way, people will be disappointed. And so on.
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