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  1. Oh, so basically you temporary make it facing pages with a proper master page and then turn off facing pages again… 🤔 Yeah, that might work, I'll keep that in mind if I stumble upon it again, thank you. This time I solved it by re-generating the document with the extra page added in the template (was using a data source to generate the large number of pages).
  2. Is it possible to add a new page after every page in a Publisher document? Say for example that I have a document with 100 pages and I want to add a new blank page after each of those 100 pages (in one go!), so that I end up with 200 pages where every other page is blank?
  3. Good points and I understand that there are different viewpoints (that's why I added a "for me"). I do often use APh like I would AD (it's part of the magic of the tight integrations between the apps!) and therefore the move tool is often preferable for me. But even if the hand tool was what I needed I generally don't like the automatic switching, after many years of using the Affinity products I still prefer to have the current tool stick until I change it manually. So a setting for default tool and a setting for turning off automatic switching would be the best solution for me.
  4. It wouldn't if the move tool was still selected. When I have the move tool selected and place an image in a document and then immediately try to move it I'm really working faster than it takes to observe the not-asked-for switch to the hand tool. Yes, the cursor is a hand now, but I'm not looking that closely since I was using the move tool before I'm not expecting it to suddenly change to something that is [for me] always less useful. I just can't see the logic behind the thinking that as soon as you have placed an image you would want the hand tool instead of the move tool you were previously using.
  5. By the time I see the hand tool I've already clicked and dragged, I'm that fast! 😄
  6. This still comes back to bite me all the time, and it's so annoying. ”Why isn't the cursor working when I try to select something…? 🤔 Oh, right, it switched to hand tool again… 🤬" I've yet to find a single instance where I found the switch to hand tool preferable and I always want the move tool.
  7. I would like this in not just Publisher, but all the Affinity apps. I know about the Export Persona but I would just like the standard export dialog to remember the numbers from last export, it would save so much time and reduce frustration.
  8. Just checked in Designer V2 and as far as I can tell, there are no improvements to the dashed corners. 😢 (But hey, we did get new blurry icons!)
  9. Tip: in Mac apps you can search for menu items in the help menu and it will show you exactly where the item is, if found.
  10. I think exporting to WebP and JPEG XL landed only shortly before the launch. In one of the tutorial videos about exporting in Photo V2 it was missing completely and they said in the comment that it landed after the video was recorded, just before launch. So may they still are catching up and will add it to batch conversion soon, I hope.
  11. Improving the current suite is more than enough to make me happy, but the whole "One more thing" at the end suggest something else, right? I agree that video editing seems like to big of a chunk right now, but som sort of DAM (like an Aperture replacement that a lot of us are longing for) wouldn't be that far off from what they already are invested in with Photo, so maybe they could do that without stretching themselves too thin.
  12. Yeah, that is the release from the January beta I was referring to (1.10.5), but AFAIK that was only a small bugfix and nothing compared to the previously steady flow of new betas and releases of 1.x with improved features and more, all that basically stopped in November last years. Since then it's all been work towards 2.0 I assume (and I'm very happy about that!).
  13. Yes, you will have to pay for the next major version somehow, I think they made that public a long time ago. (And it's fine as long as they don't go subscription, I'm more than happy to pay, their prices are a steal anyway compared to that other company). (Edit: Oh I see Patrick was faster with an official answer.)
  14. Well, I know there was a small beta in January but that was just some minor bugfix, if I remember correctly, and the last significant change was way back i November last year, so I'm calling it a year 😄
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