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  1. Yeah, I'm on Windows 10 in my case. I agree with what other posters have mentioned. My first suggestion could be an easy-to-implement and suitable band-aid until a full fledged download system comes along.
  2. Hi, Big fan of the affinity suite of software. I find the modal dialog that pops up when a new update is available somewhat frustrating; I don't always update immediately which means as I use the software I regularly get prompted by this dialog to perform an update every time I open the software which is undesirable. I use Photo as my default photo viewer, so it gets opened very often. I don't know if anyone else feels the same, but I thought up a few potential ideas that (in my opinion) would be a better or improved solution. Offer a "don't ask again until next update" check box. (If this applied across all three Affinity products as well, that would be an added bonus.) Remove modal dialog, add popup at the top of menu bar which goes away after a couple of seconds. (Requires no user interaction, visible but can be ignored.) Have a new update icon which stays in menu so users are aware of update, can click to visit the download link. I think the first would be quite simple to introduce and that would certainly allay the only frustration I have using the product. Kalyori
  3. Yes, the flood tool works well - thank you. Interesting what you mentioned about the mask + alpha-targeting - will keep that in mind.
  4. I see, that makes sense. Is there any way to force it to fully select the pixels? I had a look around in the menu but didn't see any options that might help.
  5. Hi, I have gone to Select -> Select Sampled Colour and chosen a black colour (part of the background) in my image. I've then hit "deleted" to remove it; however a light grey background remains over the transparent portion. Some additional information: The file opened was a PSD The background is a single pixel layer Using the erase tool removes the background completely as expected Same is true for the brush selection tool -- I select some background, hit delete and it's gone. Does anyone know why this might be? Appreciate any input!
  6. Thank you - Affinity was defaulting to RGB 16-bit. After changing to 8-bit the file size is much more reasonable.
  7. Hi, I've got a 28MB CR2 file. I've opened it and developed it (only lens correction) in Affinity and then gone to export it as PNG. However its file size increases to 44.28MB. However the same CR2 file exported in Photoshop reduces the file size to 19MB. Any idea why there is such a difference? Appreciate any input, Cheers
  8. I use this tool quite often touching up objects. In Affinity the little plus symbol follows my cursor after I release the mouse button, whereas in Photoshop it returns to the original place I chose after I release the mouse button. The way Affinity Photo does this is useful as well, however there are times when I need it to return to the original location. Is there an option to toggle this on and off? If not, I think it's a very useful feature to have.
  9. So at this stage my only solution is to change my workflow to this: Shoot in JPG (or other format) Open in Affinity Photo and apply levels, etc., touching up and the clipping path/mask, save as Affinity File Drop Affinity File into Publisher The only foreseeable issue I have with this is that the larger file size of Affinity Photo files will result in a PDF of around 150-250MBs instead of 40-50MBs. Fortunately when I open in Affinity previous JPGs that have been cut out in Photoshop, I simply need to save it as an AF file and it will show correctly (cut out) in Publisher.
  10. I shoot JPG on my camera, then process the images once (colour adjustments, levels, paths) and that's it unless I've realised the path is not perfect in which case I may need to update it once more. It works fine in my situation, but I may consider switching to AF files for retaining the better quality -- it's just a matter of storage space. Thanks. I had a look over this. Unfortunately I don't think it solves my issue. I also realised another issue -- my thousands of existing JPGs which have been cut out don't show up properly in Affinity Publisher! This is even more of an issue.
  11. Thank you! I will test this out. Unfortunately I've only come across Photoshop that does this. The same is true on the default Windows 10 preview / photo app... they don't show the path.
  12. Correct, the file is originally a JPG, and is saved, remaining as a JPG. When re-opened the path is there. I can send one later after I'm done with work.
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