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Good morning everybody,

I am finding another thing that seems to be missing from Designer which I use an awful lot in CorelDRAW and which is kind worrying to me unless maybe I'm missing something. In Corel I have a blend tool. I believe Illustrator has the same thing though I don't use Illustrator. It allows me to create two objects and blend them together. This is particularly useful for creating interesting drop shadows and so on. Is there really no way to do this in Designer? I'm attaching a screenshot to show you what I mean. Corel allows me to choose which aspects of each object interact with one another.

Hopefully there is some way of doing this or it will be added as it seems like a very important tool to me.

Thanks very much and let me know!


ScreenHunter 93.png

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Huh, yeah, a tool like this and i would buy Designer too. A "morphing tool" would be a really reason to have booth apps.


But this tool should also create an "export layer" with all between-steps inside, placed vertically below each other, each step in a "size-placeholder" container.

The biggest object determines the "container-size", all other "between steps must have the same container size, independingly from its real (object) size.

Lets say i morph serif-text in 24p to a non-serif text (other letters) in 12p and back to a phat text in eg 36p - in this case the 36p (plus a small frame) must be the size of the container in vertically and the longest text in horizontally and the size of this BIGGEST STRETCH is the placeholder-container for  EACH single-step!

And yeah, this tool should be able to morph more complicated stuff than rectangle to circle;-) 

It must not be 100% smooth/perfect, in the opposite, our eyes are sluggish, often 5-10 steps are enough, like the dock-animation or simple gif-stunts....





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Yes, this feature needed. Miss this most from Illustrator and CorelDraw. It is the heart of geometric repetition and evolvement. 

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2 hours ago, Abinash Mohanty said:

Yes, this feature should definitely come. 

In the same time, do we really need all kind of features that ever had been found, or, do you like to craft our own artistic feeling and content in our work?

Should it always be like push the button and everything is automatic created?


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@ErrkaPetti well this is not all features, but why it is good you wanna know! let's say you wanna make an object using an isometric grid, and wanna join 2 shapes to create its middle object. Right now, all you have to do is take a pen tool, and do click, click and click > union both the shapes. By using a blend mode can create this middle guy automatically. It's quite useful and a time saver. I hope others feel the same way.

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