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  1. Hi guys! I tried the Contour Tool but unfortunately holding down the ALT-Button does not clone the object. Cheers
  2. Hi @Mark Ingram, the problem was already solved for me. But I did some more tests with the latest beta ( today. The program starts as expected without further crashes. Best regards TOB
  3. Hi Mark! No, I haven´t. Today I tried to do this several times. I enabled different font families with a total of 80 to 100 fonts. All three apps started without any problems, just with a small delay. Until I accidentally tried to enable 600 Fonts at once. In this case the Photo and Designer apps crashed one time. TOB
  4. Hi Mark! No more crashes. All three apps start as they should. 😀 For your help, highly appreciated! TOB
  5. Hi Mark, your assumptions are right! It was, indeed, a Font related problem. Last weekend I deleted some more fonts from the system folder, with the result that all three apps started as expected, at least in most cases. Unfortunately I was a bit too ambitious. I deleted a bunch of fonts and then I tried to start the app. Normally I would delete the fonts one by one to isolate the “bad guy”. Nevertheless, all three apps still crash from time to time. Even everytime when I activate (via Fontbase Fontmanager) somewhere around 100 Fonts and above. I will definitely test the next Beta to support you by identifying the problem. These are some of the deleted fonts (at least the ones I remember): Adobe Asian fonts Albertus (MT, MT Lt, Extra Bold, Medium) - TT - Monotype Baskerville Old Face - OTF-TT - Microsoft BodoniPS - TT - Monotype Coronet - TT – Monotype CoronetPS - TT – Monotype Giddyup Std - OTF-PS - Adobe Giggi - OTF-TT – Microsoft Gloucester MT Extra Condensed - OTF-TT – Microsoft Haettenschweiler - OTF-TT - Microsoft Mistral - OTF-TT – Microsoft Stempel Garamond Roman - TT – Monotype Thanks for your help! TOB
  6. Hi Mark! Here the requested log file. I have additionally attached the file of Version 1.8. I tried to run the Beta Version around 70 times. I got it running 4-5 times. When the program is running it works as expected. Because I installed the apps via the Microsoft store I guess a downgrade to Version 1.7 in not possible? Thanks again for your help. TOB Customer Version 1.8 Log.txt Beta Log.txt
  7. Hi! As Mark mentions in this post: I installed the latest Beta - but the problem still exists. The app constantly crashes at the start. I didn´t try the Beta Versions of the other two apps because I read somewhere that they are all based on the same code. Here are the crash reports from the beta. Thanks for your help, TOB
  8. Hi guys! Here are some new Crash Reports. These are all made after I deinstalled Suitcase Fusion and all the fonts. Maybe they differ from the reports before. Tob designer_reports.zip photo_reports.zip publisher_reports.zip
  9. Hi! As Mark mentioned, it could be a font problem, so I made some screenshots of the installed fonts on my PC. I guess most of them came with some software like the Lexmark printer driver or LibreOffice, … … After nschalls post I also deleted all fonts I definitely don´t use. (The red ones in the screenshot) I deleted even more like Asian, Arabic, … Fonts which came with Adobe. Also somewhere around 20 Noto Fonts. (I guess they came with Google Chrome) Unfortunately, not all of the deleted can be seen in the screenshot. I also used Extensis Suitcase Fusion 6 for my Type1 Fonts. But for 2-3 years, after a bigger Windows 10 update, it hasn´t worked as expected. So I deinstalled Suitcase Fusion to check if it causes any problems with Affinity. I also use a second Typemanager www.fontba.se for all the other fonts. After all those trial an error, the problem still exists. All three Affinity apps crash seconds after I start them. I can´t even open them. At the start I see the Welcome Screen and the message “Schriften werden geladen…” (reading fonts…) and seconds after this font message disappears, the apps crash. Interesting fact: After I deleted the fonts which are marked red in the screenshot all Affinity apps worked as expected. But after a reboot of the system the problem still occurs and working is not possible. font_list.zip
  10. Hi Mark, thanks for your quick reply. Here are the reports (32) as a zip file, as well as the reports for the Designer and Publisher App. Because the apps are installed via the Windows Store the reports were very hard to find. I found the files in this location: C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Packages\SerifEuropeLtd.AffinityPhoto_xxx_xxx\LocalCache\Roaming\Affinity\Photo\1.0 (Store)\CrashReports\reports maybe this helps someone else who is searching for them. designer_reports.zip hoto_reports.zip publisher_reports.zip
  11. Hi guys! After the update (1.8) I was able to start the Photo App 2-3 times. But now it crashes at every attempt to start. I have tried at least 100 times!! The same problem affects the Designer and Publisher app. But after 5-10 attempts these Apps are working. I also tried to deinstall and reinstall all Apps but the problem still exists. I also tried the Windows build in Reset and Repair function. Bought and installed via the Windows Store. Also the 1.7 Versions of all 3 Apps crashes quite often at start. At the moment, working with these Apps is unfortunately not possible. System Info: Older Version of HP Z400 Workstation Windows 10 Pro 64bit Version 1909 with the latest updates. Intel Xeon 3,07 GHz
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